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Spotlight's Ultimate Guide To Serving Bowls And Pots

There are many serving bowls, pots and plates you can use in your home. They aren't only used for parties either, as they can prove useful for your dinners and baked goods. But which serving bowls do you use? And what are beverage pots? For all these essential questions, you can count on the smart guide provided by Spotlight.

What Are Serving Bowls Used For?

Serving bowls can be deep or shallow, depending on the types you own. They also tend to have sloping sides, no matter the type you have.

As you may have guessed, serving bowls are made for serving specific kinds of food. Shallow bowls are used for solid foods such as asparagus, fruits and even bread rolls. Deeper serving bowls are more suitable for softer foods such as mash and pasta. So, most people have one of each inside their kitchen. Out of both types, the deep serving bowl is used most often.

What Are Beverage Pots?

While most of us are familiar with the basic teapot, there are a lot of different beverage pots available. If you want to wow your guests or simply leave a lasting impression during a dinner or a special occasion, it doesn't hurt to get familiar with the various types available to you.

Since most people are always familiar with the coffeepot and the teapot, let's skip ahead to the demitasse pot. This type of pot is also used to serve coffee, but it has a slightly different design than the traditional coffee pot. The demitasse pot is smaller and more cylindrical in shape, which makes it appear more formal. If you serve coffee after a formal dinner, using a demitasse pot can be useful.

What Are Compotes?

Compotes are long dishes or bowls with a formal design. As such, they are often used by restaurants or during formal dinner parties.

When you see a compote for the first time, the one thing that stands out is its incredible size. Because of the size, it is seldom used inside homes for dinner parties. If you have the space for it, you could consider serving food on compotes. In fact, it could prove useful if you have many guests.

When Should I Use Nut Bowls?

Nut bowls are usually placed on a dinner table to give guests something to nibble on before dinner arrives. Alternatively, it can also be used after dinner, as it gives your most hungry guests something to snack on.

When you want to use nut bowls for a formal event, you should always place them around the centrepiece. They should also be within reach of your guests, so they can easily reach the nuts when they want some.

During formal occasions, pay close attention to how your bowls are set on the table. Make sure they are placed in a symmetrical manner around the centrepiece, as this will provide a more formal look.

We must mention that nut bowls are not solely used to serve nuts though. A lot of people find them useful for appetizers during informal dinner parties. So, if you have some nut bowls laying around, you will undoubtedly find some use for them.

When Do I Use Platters?

Platters come in all types of shapes these days, ranging from the popular rectangular platter to round and oval options. The reason for their popularity does not need to be looked for long though, as they are often used to serve meats and fish.

As you may suspect, platters are used for formal and informal occasions. They are especially popular to serve a roast during the holidays, so most people will have a serving platter in their kitchen already.

When Do I Use A Tureen?

A tureen is an essential for your kitchen, because it is used to serve soup. While you could serve it straight from the pot, tureens make serving soup a real doddle.

Aside from soup, there are other liquid foods that can be served with a tureen. Some people use them for stew or punch, so you can find lots of other applications for them during a gathering or a dinner party.

While large tureens are often used for soups, the smaller versions can double as a gravy boat. If you don't have one in your home and want to serve some homemade gravy, simply use a smaller tureen for the job.

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