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Get Familiar With The Different Types Of Pens And Find The One That Suits You Best!

A pen is just a pen in the minds of many, but once you start using them a lot, you start to notice that not every pen provides the same result. Today, we take a closer look at the most common types of pens and their characteristics, this could make it easier to decide on the most suitable pens for you.

What Is A Ballpoint Pen?

One of the most common pens in existence today is the ballpoint pen. The ink that is used to create these kinds of pens is usually oil-based. While oil paint is often associated with a longer drying time, the opposite actually applies to the ballpoint pen, as these pens are known for their quick drying time. So, if you are prone to smudge some ink on paper as you are writing, the ballpoint pen can be your new best friend.

An additional benefit of the ballpoint pen is that the ink lasts quite long on paper. As you are taking notes in class or on the job, the last thing you want is your notes disappearing. Therefore, a ballpoint pen can be a safe all-round choice.

Of course, every type of pen has a downside, and this is no different for the ballpoint pen. Since this pen does require a bit more pressure, it can hurt your fingers and hands after some time. So, if you are writing for long periods, the ballpoint pen can be somewhat uncomfortable.

What Is A Rollerball Pen?

A rollerball pen can be a good alternative to the ballpoint pen, as it is more suitable to write for longer periods of time. The ink inside the rollerball pen is water-based, this means it takes less pressure to flow and subsequently write.

Even though rollerball pens are available in many different colours, most people will find they get the best result when they use the darker colours in the range.

The one real downside connected to rollerball pens is that they have to be refilled, this opposed to the ballpoint pen that cannot be refilled and therefore has to be disposed of. Naturally, this also means that a rollerball pen and its refills can be a little more expensive.

What Is A Gel Pen?

When looking at the gel pen, it quickly becomes clear that this pen is a combination of the ballpoint and the rollerball pen. Inside a gel pen, you will find the water-based ink that the rollerball pen is known for. However, the consistency of that ink leans more towards that of the ballpoint. Once again, this makes it less likely you will make smudges with the gel pen.

While the gel pen is the perfect combination between the ballpoint pen and the rollerball pen, gel pens tend to be more common in bold colours. Therefore, you might have some problems finding these pens in your regular blue or black. They also tend to run out quite quickly and cannot be refilled in most cases.

Despite some of the downsides connected to gel pens, they are a perfect option for anyone who needs to write for longer periods of time and does not get on with the rollerball pen. The large range of bold colours also appeals to children, so these are a common purchase for primary and secondary school.

What Is A Marker Pen?

Contrary to some of the previously mentioned pens, marker pens can contain different inks, this means that their properties can vary depending on the marker pen you buy. In general. Marker pens often contain pigment ink, water ink, oil ink, or alcohol ink.

If you are looking for a marker pen that will work best on basic paper, you will need a marker pen that contains either water-based ink or the pigment-based ink. However, if you want to mark other materials such as glass, metal, and plastic, you might be better off with a marker pen containing alcohol-based or oil ink.

Marker pens are quite diverse where colour is concerned too, this since many different types of inks can be used. Therefore, these kinds of pens are often obtained when a little colour is required for a project.



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