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Your Complete Guide To Drawing Pencils At Spotlight

Getting the best pencils for your artwork can certainly lead to better results. As a beginner, it can prove rather difficult to choose the right pencils. Fortunately, you can count on this useful guide from Spotlight to select the pencils you need.

What Are The Different Drawing Pencils I Can Encounter?

Artists can use a variety of drawing pencils to create the effects they want, or to develop their own technique. Below, we have described the most common types of pencils an artist can encounter and work with.

One of the most common types of pencils used by artists is the graphite pencil. A graphite pencil is considered the standard for sketching and pencil drawings, so this is certainly an essential to add to your personal collection.

In addition to graphite pencils, you can also encounter charcoal pencils. As the name suggests, charcoal pencils are made from charcoal and therefore deliver a much darker stroke on paper.

While many artists are drawing in black and white, some artists prefer to use colour as well. If you are likely to work with colour, you will need a selection of coloured pencils. Most coloured pencils resemble basic graphite pencils where strokes are concerned. Therefore, most artists can make the transition quite easily.

Finally, the last type of pencil you can encounter as an artist is the mechanical pencil. Contrary to most types of pencils, the mechanical pencil does not have to be sharpened at all. They are often used to create sharp and bold lines, which could prove advantageous for detailing.

What Is The Difference Between Charcoal And Graphite Pencils?

Most artists will start to work with both charcoal and graphite pencils, so it is important to understand the difference between these two types of pencils and how they are used.

Artists will use a graphite pencil when their artwork requires finer detail, this since graphite pencils make it easy to create delicate lines and strokes. Charcoal pencils, on the other hand, are more suitable for sketching purposes, this because the pencil delivers much darker strokes and a rougher texture. However, artists must be careful when working with charcoal, as this kind of material is more likely to smudge.

When you work with charcoal pencils, you can also encounter two different subtypes, this includes so-called compressed and uncompressed pencils. Compressed charcoal pencils are relatively strong and hard, which means they can deliver a more refined result. In turn, uncompressed charcoal is much looser, which means it is more prone to smudging. That being said, it can create some delightful marks and roughness on sketches that makes your technique stand out.

What Do I Need To Know About Pencil Grading?

Artists who look at pencils for the first time will encounter so-called pencil grading. Pencil grading is used to indicate the overall hardness of a pencil, which in turn delivers a darker or a smoother stroke as a result.

The grading of pencils can be subject to the consistency of materials inside a pencil. For example, graphite pencils consist of graphite and clay. The more clay inside a graphite pencil, the lighter the result. The more graphite inside the pencil, the darker the pencil will be.

There are many grades you will encounter on pencils and they can be somewhat confusing in the beginning. However, there are some general rules you can consider that can make selection easier. For example, darker graphite pencils will be marked with a B. The higher the number before the B, the darker the pencil will be. You can also get graphite pencils in H, which indicate the lighter pencils. The higher the number before the H, for example, 9H versus 4H, the lighter the pencil will be.

Which Drawing Pencils Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight has an incredible range of drawing pencils, available at an affordable price. From graphite pencils and colouring pencils to charcoal pencils, you can find it all in our extensive range.

In addition to graphite, charcoal, and colouring pencils, Spotlight also provides other art supplies you can be taking advantage of. For a full overview of what we can offer, please check out the full Spotlight catalogue today.



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