Artificial Christmas Trees

Shop the collection of beautiful artificial Christmas trees that come in different sizes. Discover lovely fake Christmas trees at Spotlight today.

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Shop Stunning Artificial Christmas Trees Online at Spotlight

When you put up a Christmas tree, it's a sign that the most magical holiday of the year is just around the corner! Whether you've moved into your first home or are just looking to refresh your old tree, find amazing value Christmas trees you'll love at Spotlight. Discover modern and traditional Christmas trees in a range of colours and sizes online.

Are Real Or Artificial Christmas Trees Better For My Home?

You may be wondering - should I use a real or fake Christmas tree this year?

There's nothing as grand as a real pine Christmas tree - their rich colour, thick needles and beautiful scent are beloved across the world as a symbol of Christmastime. But real trees come with a few downsides too - they can be messy, hard to put up, and they eventually turn brown and dry, as well as possibly bringing pests into your home.

Bypass these with one of Spotlight's gorgeous faux Christmas trees! Our artificial Christmas trees are clean, colourful and easy to both put up and store away - plus you can always imitate that lovely pine scent with a Christmas candle or quality diffuser.

What Fake Christmas Trees Should I Buy?

You can find many kinds of fake Christmas trees online at Spotlight to match your favourite natural pine trees in the wild.

  • Traditional pines like the impressive Norway Spruce and Nordic Fir can be imitated with any of our larger green pine faux trees - look for versions over 180cm to help give them that impressive presence.
  • Bluer pines like the magical Blue Spruce or the enchanting Serbian Spruce are best imitated with a white or iridescent faux Christmas tree, or one with white flocked tips to simulate a fresh cover of snow on a green tree.
  • If you are lacking space, try a few of our small Christmas trees, ranging from 30 to 60 cm tall. Small Christmas trees are great for placing on the dining table, side table or in any other blank spaces around your home that need a Christmassy boost.

How Can I Decorate A Plastic Christmas Tree?

Luckily, plastic Christmas trees are just as easy to decorate as real ones - perhaps even more so, as their needles are not sharp and prickly like the real thing. You can place all sorts of hanging decorations on a fake Christmas tree, such as fairy lights, sparkly tinsel and Christmas baubles - and finish it off with an impressive tree topper! And don't forget to deck out the rest of your home with merry dé



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