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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Many people start decorating their Christmas tree, believing it will look like those beautiful Christmas trees in the commercials. Of course, it is not uncommon to run into a little difficulty perfecting the look. To help our customers obtain the perfect Christmas tree this holiday season, Spotlight provides you with an overview of how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree.

Does The Tree Matter Much When It Is Artificial?

Even a cheap artificial tree can look good when you know how to decorate, but you do have to think about the long-term picture too. Do you want to purchase a new artificial tree every year because the last one was not sturdy enough? If not, then investing a little more in a sturdier artificial tree will save you money in the long run.

Once you have your tree, it is important to fluff the branches before you start decorating. If you have a real tree, then you do not have to worry about this little process. However, anyone with an artificial version must fluff the tree's branches to make their tree look fuller.

How Do I Select The Theme Or Colours For The Tree?

Selecting all the right baubles can be a real chore, especially if you have a big collection already. If your baubles need an upgrade, it might be worth checking Spotlight for bauble packs, which are arranged by theme already. Then, you only must choose between warm colour, cool colour, or unusual baubles.

When you already have a decent collection of baubles at your disposal, make sure that the colours complement one another. You can use a basic colour wheel to determine which baubles will work with one another on a Christmas tree. Alternatively, you can go with the classic colour options such as red and gold or blue and silver.

In What Order Do I Add The Decorations?

The order of your decorations is important, as it creates the perfect layering for your Christmas tree, making it look full and luscious. The first thing to add to your Christmas tree is always your selection of lights. Remember, you want your lights to be somewhat hidden behind the branches to create that Christmassy light effect.

When adding your lights always start at the bottom and work your way up. Once you reach the top, slowly work your way down again. Make sure to cover some of the branch tips as well, as this creates the best balance of light for your tree.

Once you are done with the lights, you can take out your chosen selection of baubles. To create a good balance, experts recommend using baubles in three different sizes. If you hang three different sized baubles together, you will create an amazing balance all over the tree that looks just like the trees in the commercials.

Before adding the baubles, make sure you add your favourite tinsel. Remember that the tinsel can be in the same colour or a complimenting colour as your baubles. If you do not want to use tinsel, you can also use some strategically placed ribbons as an alternative. However, nothing creates that true Christmas feel like some lovely tinsel.

When you are done with the baubles and the tinsel, you want to finish your Christmas tree with a nice Christmas tree topper. Christmas tree toppers are widely available, including at Spotlight. If you choose a new Christmas topper, we offer you the same advice as for your Christmas tree. Choosing something durable that can last for several years is always the better choice.

Once you added the tree topper, it is time to take a final look at your Christmas tree and make some adjustments if they are needed. The main thing to remember for a well-decorated Christmas tree is the balance. There should be a balance for everything you add to your tree - this goes from the lights to the baubles. For example, if your tinsel is laying too thick on one side of the tree, slightly adjust to ensure the balance is even for each side. While this may take a couple of minutes to complete, your Christmas tree will look spectacular!

Find Your Perfect Christmas Decorations At Spotlight

Whether you are checking this page for a nice selection of tinsel or need the full set of Christmas decorations this year, Spotlight can help you with it all. Check out the Spotlight catalogue to find Christmas baubles, lights, Christmas toppers and so much more. All our Christmas decorations are offered at the best prices, so you will be getting an excellent deal this holiday season.

Need more inspiration before you can purchase decorations? Check out our Christmas section to get some inspiration and immediately find the link to relevant products in the Spotlight catalogue.



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