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Enjoy Exciting Christmas Crackers From Spotlight

One of the best parts of Christmas Day is pulling Christmas crackers with your friends and family! Colourful, loud and full of gifts, Christmas bon bons (also called Christmas crackers) are great fun to pull on Christmas, and you can get them right here at Spotlight. Our Jolly & Jolly Christmas crackers are just what you need to have a blast on Christmas Day!

Where you can use your Christmas bon bons

At a formal Christmas lunch or dinner it's commonplace to set Christmas bon bons between each Christmas table setting. This allows everyone to pull a cracker with each person beside them, which is usually done before the meal starts.

If you're not having a formal sit-down lunch or dinner on Christmas, you can be more casual about how you distribute your Christmas crackers. Have them in a few small piles around the event space for people to use with your party supplies, or go around and give them out so everyone can pull theirs at the same time!

Christmas bon bons FAQs

What are Christmas bon bons?

Christmas bon bons are segmented paper or card tubes that have been wrapped in colourful paper, and they resemble a wrapped lolly in shape. Christmas crackers are pulled by two people on Christmas day. The cracker will 'snap' in half with a loud noise and release small trinkets inside, which usually include a paper hat, a joke and a small toy or tool.

Who invented the Christmas cracker?

Christmas bon bons were invented in 1847 by London confectioner Tom Smith. Their shape was inspired by the French bonbon, which was a sugared almond wrapped in a twist of tissue paper, and the cracker element was inspired by the crackle of a log fire. The inner message, which he initially made to be love messages, was inspired by the messages inside fortune cookies.

How do Christmas crackers work?

The sound from a Christmas bon bon is created by friction generated by two strips of card that are attached with a slight overlap (that has been soaked in gunpowder) being pulled apart. The friction causes enough heat to set the gunpowder off, the sound of which is amplified by the cardboard tube of the cracker.

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