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How To Choose My Masquerade Mask?

Masquerade masks are popular for a variety of occasions. Even though you may commonly associate them with Halloween or fancy-dress parties, they are also a great idea for more formal masquerade balls. If you have never worn a masquerade mask before and don't really know how to choose one, be sure to read through our guide below before purchasing your mask from Spotlight.

What Style Masquerade Mask Is Best For Me?

Once you start browsing our range of masks, you will notice that there are many options you could choose. The most important thing to remember about choosing a masquerade mask is the event you will attend. If you need a mask for Halloween, you can go for relatively simple designs. However, if you need something for a masquerade ball, you can choose a really elaborate and colourful design. This applies to both men and women, because even men can get away with a bold design at a masquerade ball.

When it comes to choosing a masquerade mask, consider carefully if you will be wearing it all night. If you believe you will remove the mask regularly over the course of the evening, you can choose a so-called stick mask. However, if you intend on keeping the mask on for most of the night, you can choose a ribbon mask instead.

What Colour Is Best For A Masquerade Mask?

As you can imagine, masquerade masks are available in all colours for both men and women. Evidently, this does not make your choice any easier. However, there are two ways to narrow down your mask colour.

If you already have an outfit for the masquerade ball or a Halloween event, you must take the colour of your outfit into consideration. Ideally, you want a mask in a similar colour or in a colour that matches the colour of your outfit on the colour wheel.

When you have no idea what the colour of your outfit will be, you have two more options available to you. Firstly, you could choose a masquerade mask in a neutral colour such as silver, gold, or black. Secondly, you could choose a mask in your preferred colour and design, and then match your outfit to that mask.

How Do I Determine Mask Size?

While it may not be the first thing you think about when selecting your masquerade mask, masks such as these do come in various sizes. There are dedicated options for both men and women, each with their own characteristics.

When you are a man who wants to completely hide his identity at a fancy-dress ball, you will find the full-face mask most suitable. On the other hand, if eating and drinking is involved at the event, you could choose a classic Venetian shape, which make it easier to eat and drink. Or, if you are not the biggest fan of dressing up, you could choose the eye mask. This option allows you to cover the eyes, but it is more lightweight and less of a hindrance than more elaborate masks out there.

Evidently, the masks for women can be a little different in terms of shape and size. If you have a relatively slim face, then you may find that a petite mask is the best fit for you. For all other face shapes, you will find that most traditional masquerade masks fit really well. However, if you have a relatively wide face, you could consider a more flexible mask material to ensure more comfort during the masquerade ball.

The Masks Available At Spotlight

Spotlight has a range of masks that will appeal to both men, women and children. Our masks are also suitable for a variety of events, this goes from a formal masquerade ball to a fancy-dress event or Halloween gathering. Our masks also come in various colours and designs, so you will easily find something that matches the outfit you have in mind.

When you choose one of the masks from our catalogue, you can also count on the most affordable prices in New Zealand. So, why spend more on a quality mask if you can get them at a better price from Spotlight?



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