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Fill your home with the delightful aromas of your handcrafted candles with our extensive collection of candle making tools and supplies at Spotlight. Candle Making is a traditional and highly enjoyable past time, and making your own candles is a great way to craft gifts for your loved ones. Whether you opt for a fabulous floral, a superb spicy aroma, or perhaps a non-scented candle to create that romantic atmosphere without the fragrance, shop our candle making selection today.

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How Do I Make My Own Candles?

Do you love a nice scented candle in your home, but can you never get the exact fragrance combination you want? Or would you like to create a candle that fits a specific design? For all this and more, you can start making your own candles.

While there is some skill involved in making your own candles, the starting process is relatively simple. Below, we have created a comprehensive guide to candle making, this ranges from the supplies you will need to make your first candle. So, if you want to give candle making a try, be sure to read our info below.

What Do I Need To Make My First Candle?

There are some basic supplies you will need before you can make your first candle. Firstly, you will need some wax from Spotlight, this could be anything from basic paraffin to soy wax. Please note that soy wax is recommended for anyone with sensitive airways, as soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin.

In addition to your wax, you will also need some candle wicks, some essential oils with your preferred fragrances, a heat-proof container or mould for your candle, a clean pot, a spatula, and a thermometer. Once you have all these supplies, you are ready to get started.

Do I Need to Measure The Wax?

The first step of making your own candles is measuring the wax. Of course, before you begin, always make sure your work surface is protected properly with some paper towels, newspaper, or something else that can get dirty.

To ensure you are melting the appropriate amount of wax, take the amount of wax required to fill your mould or container and then multiply it by two.

How Do I Melt The Wax?

Melting wax can easily be done in a pot on a hot surface. However, some candle makers prefer to melt wax on a so-called double boiler. To ensure your wax melts properly, a timeframe of ten to fifteen minutes is recommended. During the melting process, it is also recommended to stir your wax from time to time, this ensures an even blend.

When Do I Add Any Essential Oils Or Other Fragrances To My Candles?

This step only applies to those of you who want to create their own scented candles. Essential oils, or other fragrances, are best added as soon as the wax is melted. With this, it is also important to refer to the instructions from the wax manufacturer, as some types of wax require more or less essential oil to create the same effect. Once you have added the wax, make sure you stir for some time before you continue to the next step, this ensures your fragrance blends really well with the melted wax.

How Do I Insert The Wick Into My Crafted Candle?

One of the common problems beginners face is inserting the wick into the candle. Interestingly, you do not add the wick after you poured the wax into a container. Instead, you will attach the wick to the bottom of the mould or container before the wax is poured into the vessel. To make the wick stick to the bottom, you can use some superglue or simply dip the bottom of the wick into the hot wax before placing it on the bottom of the container.

When Should I Pour The Wax Into The Container Or Mould?

When the wick is properly in place, it is time to pour the melted wax into your chosen container. Of course, there is an ideal temperature to pour the wax, this is approximately 75 degrees Celsius. If the melted wax is still too hot, leave it to cool a little while longer.

Please note that it is essential to keep hold of your wick during the pouring process, as it is not uncommon for the wick to become dislodged. You should also leave a very small amount of wax in the pot or boiler to finish off the candle.

Naturally, you cannot keep the wick in place constantly once the pouring as done. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep the wick in place during the cooling process. Simply place the top of the wick between two sticks and place them on top of the mould to keep them in place.



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