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Express yourself with our fun and fabulous selection of stamps at Spotlight. We stock stamps of all shapes and sizes, with empowering words, celebratory greetings, cute characters, animals, themes and more, we are sure to have the stamps for you. This range also includes ink and ink pads for all types of stamps in a wide range of colours. Stamp craft projects, planner pages, documents, craft creations and more! Whatever your stamping needs, shop the selection now for bargains galore across the selection.

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The Beginner's Guide To Stamping

Stamping is not a craft that is as known as cardmaking, scrapbooking, or painting. That being said, it is a fun craft that can be done on its own or can be combined with other papercrafts. If you want to become more familiar with stamping as a craft, be sure to read our guide below.

How Do I Make Sure I Have The Right Stamps For The Job?

Before you can get started with your first stamping process, you will need a selection of stamps to add to your collection. Stamps are available in various sizes and designs, so there are certainly plenty of options to choose from.

Their intended purpose - One of the first things to look at is how you will use the stamps. Do you have a certain project in mind? Or do you intend to use the stamps in a variety of different projects. If you have a dedicated project in mind, then you can save some money by purchasing the stamp set that matches your goal. However, if you intend on using stamps for different projects, a collection of different stamps in different sizes is advised.

Their size - As we briefly mentioned before, stamps can come in a variety of different sizes. When you are using stamps for the first time, it can be difficult to determine which size you should obtain. Evidently, your stamps should not be too small or too big for the project you have in mind. So, be sure to incorporate the size of the surface you will be stamping on to determine the best stamp size.

Their design - Many crafters use stamps to achieve a specific design or to work around a certain theme. Therefore, the design of your stamps is another serious consideration when you select stamps for your project.

Their make - When it comes down to stamps, it is important to remember that some stamps are more durable than others. Certain stamps can only use once or twice, while others can withstand repeated stamping over time. If you intend on using the stamp for a longer period of time, then buying one of higher quality will be recommended.

What Kind Of Stamping Accessories Are Available Nowadays?

Stamping accessories come in all shapes and sizes. Below, we have listed some of the popular stamping accessories you can encounter.

Ink pads - When you want to work with stamps, you need the right ink. Evidently, the best way to get ink for stamps is by obtaining some ink pads. There are different types of ink you can obtain too - this includes dye ink, distress ink, chalk ink, and even pigment ink. Some of these inks are water based, while other are based on glycerine and chalk.

Paper - To put your stamps on a surface, you certainly need the right kind of paper. There is a lot of different paper you could obtain - this ranges from cardstock to basic printing paper. Evidently, if you want the best result, it is certainly a good idea to experiment with the different types of paper available.

Colouring pencils and pens - Stamps on their own are great, but you could create a beautiful piece of art by comparing your stamps with colouring pencils and pens. At Spotlight, you can find both for an amazing price, so you can add them all to your collection.

What Are The Different Types Of Stamps?

Stamps can be made from different materials. To ensure you are fully informed about all the different stamps available these days, we have provided a brief overview below.

Unattached stamps - These stamps still need to be attached to a handle or a block. Of course, they do prove useful when you do not have the space to store full stamps.

Rubber stamps - As the name suggests, this kind of stamp is made from quality rubber. Since rubber is a strong material with some flexibility, these stamps tend to last a considerable amount of time.

Clear stamps - Transparency is the main benefit of this kind of stamp, as you can easily see where you put your stamp and less likely to make a mistake. In most cases, these stamps are made from quality materials such as acrylic and polymer.



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