Doorstops are a great way to keep a door open or closed and to stop people from bashing the door against the wall. At Spotlight, we have a variety of shapes and finishes, with a doorstop to fit any style of room decor. Whether you are looking for a cute little animal to keep your door open, something more traditional to match your decor, or a draught excluder to keep you warmer on those cold winter nights, shop doorstops at Spotlight today.

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The Best Crafted Home Decor Items!

There are a lot of things you can craft to make your home better. If you are looking for some inspiration for your own home, we have included some of our personal favourites below. Check out the top crafted home decor items below!

What Is The First Recommended Crafted Home Decor Item?

One of the popular crafted items for the home is the doorstop. If you have several doors you would like to keep open in your home, a simple crafted doorstop will provide you with everything you need to keep those doors open. The fun thing about this kind of project? You can give your doorstop a unique design!

What Is The Second Recommended Crafted Home Decor Item?

Do you often have to leave a message for your kids or your husband, but never find a piece of paper when you need it most? If so, why not consider a painted chalkboard for your kitchen?

All you need for a painted chalkboard is the chalkboard surface and the frame. Paint the frame in a colour that matches the interior of your kitchen, this will integrate the chalkboard beautifully. You can also embellish your chalkboard with some small potted plants attached to the board. You can also add a dedicated space for your chalk to keep everything organised.

What Is The Third Recommended Crafted Home Decor Item?

A crafted rack for your home can have lots of applications. You can create a towel rack or a coat rack to organise your home better. However, you can also choose to make a necklace rack, enabling you to keep your necklaces untangled while putting them on display.

One simple way to create a necklace rack is by using your old wine corks. You will also need a small piece of rectangular wood, some of your favourite pain colours, glue, and a little sponge.

Before you start creating your necklace rack, start by painting the wine corks. Of course, you can also keep your wine corks natural, but painting them can create a beautiful and original effect. To paint your corks, place the sponge in the pain and then blot the paint on the corks with the sponge. Allow the corks to dry and then glue the corks on the wood. You can choose how to organise the corks on the wood, but the best method for your necklaces is placing the corks on a horizontal line.

What Is The Fourth Recommended Crafted Home Decor Item?

Do you have a passion for gardening? Do you have several flower pots inside the home? Why not make your flower pots more luxurious by turning them into gold?

To make your flower pots a little more luxurious, select a gold-coloured spray paint from the Spotlight collection. Remove any dirt or dust from the exterior of your old flower pots. Then, use the spray paint and cover the interior and exterior of the plant pot with the gold paint. Then, leave it to dry.

Naturally, if you wish to give your plant pots a little extra sheen, you can cover it with a finish spray paint. There are regular finish paints you can use as well, but spray paint can be easier to use. You do not have to use gold paint either, you can also choose silver and other shiny paints.

What Is The Fifth Recommended Crafted Home Decor Item?

Want an original chandelier in your home? Why not create your own through a combination of paper and feathers? For this project you will need a round paper chandelier base, your favourite selection of feathers, and a glue gun.

Before you glue the feathers to your paper chandelier base, determine if you wish to paint your feathers or not. If you have some white feathers, you can paint them in your favourite colour to make your chandelier look even better.

Which Crafting Supplies Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a large range of crafting supplies, this includes for crafts such as painting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, applique, and so much more. Check out our range of crafting supplies today and benefit from the incredibly sharp prices we can offer you.



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