Make your mark on the world with gel tips, felt tip pens and markers that mean serious business in writing and drawing.

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The beauty of art markers, gel pens & felt pens

When it comes to finding the best art marker or pen for your work, not all instruments are created equal. Whether for beginners or professionals - children or adults - you need to think about the intended application before settling on the type for you.

Thankfully, regardless of your artwork, we stock a range that not only covers all possible requirements but also ticks the box for affordability.

Art markers

Given they require very little prep, are simple to use and produce brilliant, bright markings, art markers are extremely popular with artists of all persuasions. They dry quickly and can even be blended but, unlike coloured pencils, it's very difficult to correct your mistakes.

Gel pens

Vivid, smooth and more water-resistant than ballpoint ink, gel pens generally produce a finer, more precise line than other pens, which makes them suited to decorative writing applications. With their dense pigment, they also come in metallic colours and sparkles, which can be popular with the kids.

Felt tip pens

In comparison to the broader markings of markers, felt tip pens allow for writing or colouring on a smaller scale or when it's necessary to create intricate shapes and patterns. Given they dry easily and don't smudge, these pens are particularly suited to left-handed artists.

Other stationery & school supplies

Colour pencils & lead pencils

Pencils are the staple of any school pencil case (not surprisingly) and for good reason - they're so versatile and appropriate for all age groups and skill levels. As any artist becomes more sophisticated, so does their colour pencil use, with effects created through wet and dry applications.

Notebooks, notepads & calendar planners

There's no reason why the notebooks, notepads and calendar planners you use every day shouldn't be works-of-art themselves, so you use them and enjoy them more. Choose the kind of notebook or planner that best reflects you and its contents.

Stationery supplies & desk accessories

The right stationery supplies and desk accessories make light work of even the hardest tasks by keeping you organised and ensuring you have everything at hand to get things done. If they look good, you're likely to be more motivated to do what you have to do.

School glue, craft tape & adhesives

Adhesives need to suit their specific task so, if your workspace only has one roll of sticky tape, then you'll very quickly find yourself coming unstuck. You'll also want to ensure your kids are equipped with the appropriate adhesives for school - think kid-friendly (i.e., safe, non-toxic).

Find the right markers, gel pens & felt tip pens at Spotlight

Ready to buy? Shop through our markers, gel pens & felt tip pens online. But first, make sure you're up-to-date with your marker knowledge by reading our choosing pens, pencils & markers buying guide, along with our checklist for back-to-school essentials, so you're ready to make your purchase count.

Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to see our collection in person, check out everything we have available and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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