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Why Knitting With Acrylic Yarn Is A Good Idea

Acrylic yarn is one of the most commonly sold types of yarn in New Zealand. Made from manmade fibres, acrylic yarn is strong and affordable, the perfect combination for crafters who regularly need some yarn for their crafting projects.

Because of the fact that acrylic yarn is made from manmade materials, there is a range of benefits associated with the use of this kind of yarn. If you are curious why you should use this kind of yarn over others, be sure to read on.

What Colours Are Available With Acrylic Yarn?

Acrylic yarns are available in a range of colours. After all, this is a manmade fibre that can be easily manipulated during the production process. Because of the latest technologies, manufacturers can also make these yarns colourfast, this means they will not run out or fade very easily.

Even though countless colours are available for acrylic yarn, some crafters will dye acrylic yarn themselves. When you are looking for a very specific colour, but cannot find it anywhere, simply buy some plain white and use some food colouring and water for the dyeing process. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to do this.

Why Is Acrylic Yarn The Better Option For Beginners?

Beginners will find that acrylic yarn is the best option in the catalogue, this because the yarn is more affordable than other types of yarn. As this yarn is cheaper, you do not have to worry if you make a mistake during the knitting process. Beginners can easily purchase a large quantity of yarn too, ensuring there is plenty of yarn to practice with.

Is Acrylic Yarn Easy To Maintain?

One common concern of crafters who use acrylic yarn for crafting projects is the maintenance level of their yarn. Some types of yarn are more delicate than others and this should certainly be remembered when choosing yarn for sweaters, scarfs, and other applications that require more durability.

Acrylic yarn is quite durable, especially when you compare it to other types of yarn such as wool and cashmere. You can easily clean this yarn in some water with a gentle laundry detergent. You can also put the finished product in the washing machine, as this type of yarn is quite resistant to shrinking and other common types of damage.

Will Projects With Acrylic Yarn Last?

Acrylic yarn is one of the most durable options, as mentioned earlier in this guide. Manmade fibres such as acrylic have a reputation of being extremely durable, this because of the petroleum used during the production process. Petroleum is a substance that takes years to degrade naturally, which means your projects can stand the test of time.

On the flipside, acrylic yarn is not as environmentally friendly as natural fabric fibres. As it is made from petroleum, lots of chemicals are involved in the production process. However, that does mean the durability is increased tremendously and this is something many people look for in yarn.

Even though acrylic yarn is extremely durable, it does not weigh a lot. Those who like blankets that are lovely and warm, but do not weigh too much, will find that acrylic yarn is the better option. The lightweight nature of acrylic yarn is explained by the synthetic polymers used to create the yarn, which are less dense than regular natural fibres.

Does Acrylic Have Any Heat-Regulating Properties?

When you knit a sweater from acrylic yarn, you obviously want your sweater to be warm. Fortunately, this is not a problem with this manmade material, as it will keep you warm in colder temperatures.

On the flipside, acrylic yarn is less breathable than natural fabric fibres. Even though it is brilliant at keeping you warm, it is less suitable for apparel that is used in warmer temperatures. Nevertheless, there are plenty of applications where such warmth is required, so this disadvantage will not limit you where crafting applications are concerned.

Another major benefit of acrylic yarn is its hypoallergenic properties. Some people are sensitive to materials such as wool, so acrylic yarn can be a great alternative to common types of wool yarn. It is also a great option who are prone to all kinds of allergies.



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