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Spotlight's range of feather trims and boas has all you can possibly need to complete your next project. Shop the selection in a range of colours now!

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Have Some Feathery Fun With A Feather Boa Or Feather Trim From Spotlight

Have fun dressing up or add some whimsy to your next craft project with the range of feather boas and feather trims from Spotlight! Our feather trims and boas come in all sorts of bright and beautiful colours, with a delightfully soft texture that you'll love to feel against your skin.

Whether it's a dramatic ostrich feather boa or a rainbow feather trim, we've got your feathery dressmaking needs sorted at Spotlight.

Our favourite ways to use feather trims and boas

Here are some of our favourite ways to use our Simplicity and Insert feather boas and trims.

  • Wrap yourself in a feather boa as part of a dress-up costume! Whether it's a 70's glam rock costume or a sequin-covered showgirl outfit, feather boas can find a home in many bright and colourful fancy dress outfits.
  • Feather boas can be used to decorate chairs, tables, windows and lights for special events. Keep them away from hot light bulbs and candles, as they are flammable!
  • Create a campy costume using our feather trims! Whether you're a grungy wizard, a human-sized crow or a superhero with flying powers. feather trims can be utilised to great advantage on the shoulders, neckline, wrists and hem of costumes.

Check out other trims, including our fancy, piping and cord, fringe, tapes and braids, faux fur, suede and vinyl, in our trims category.

Feather trims and boas FAQs

What is a feather boa?

A feather boa is a long, scarf-like accessory that comprises of many feathers that have been glued or stitched into a single length. They are usually worn around the neck, but longer boars can be wrapped around the arms like a shawl as well. They can come in natural and artificial colours - from natural black ostrich feather boas to bright pink feather boas, every colour can feature on a boa!

How to stop a feather boa from shedding

The consensus to stop boas from shedding feathers is to spray it with hairspray. A strong hairspray will keep the feathers in place, but keep in mind it may also make them feel stiff and they may even stick together - make sure to fluff your feather boa up before spraying it.

How do I clean a feather boa?

Feather boas can be cleaned in cool water with a detergent suitable for delicate clothing. Immerse it in water and gently agitate to remove any dirt or oils - never wring out or scrub at your boa, as this can damage it and cause the feathers to come out. Air dry your boa on a towel away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We've got many other beautiful trims for you to explore at Spotlight, including:

  • Sequin, bead and pearls: Make your own delicate trims using our range of beautiful sequins, beads and pearls designed especially for sewing with.
  • Pom pom and tassel trims: Bring a little fun to any sewing project with our joyfully colourful pom pom and tassel trims.
  • Ric rac: Our classic ric rac trims will add the perfect touch of whimsy to any sewing or craft project.

Make sure to browse our full trims and millinery category for heaps of other lovely accessories and decorations for your sewing projects.

Find the right feather trims and boas at Spotlight

It's time to add some cheeky feather boas and trims to your sewing fabrics and dress-up collection! Choose your feather trims and boas online, quickly pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best feather boas and trims in person.

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