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Your Detailed Guide For Fat Quarters

Fat quarters are popular for countless projects these days. If you are an avid quilter, then you may be guilty of purchasing many fat quarters for those perfectly matched quilting projects. Of course, beginners may struggle to find an application for fat quarters, so we have come up with a detailed guide on fat quarters and how to use them.

What Are The Measurements Of A Fat Quarter?

When you take a moment to browse the collection of fat quarters out there, you may notice that they can vary in size. Most fat quarters are 50cm x 50cm, but you could even find some that are 25cm x 25cm. So, the size of the fat quarter you use is heavily dependent on the project you will use them for.

So, not all fat quarters are the same. When you purchase fat quarters in Australia and New Zealand, you will find that they are a little wider than those being sold in the United States. Because of this, it is important to check the manufacturer and the dimensions of the fabric in the product description.

What Are Some Common Applications For Fat Quarters?

Now, let's get to the important part of this guide, the applications of fat quarters. If you are stuck and do not know which project to tackle, here are some of our personal favourites that involve fat quarters.

Fabric napkins - For this project, you only need two fat quarters of approximately 25cm x 25cm, these are ideal for the kids. If you want some adult napkins, you can use fat quarters of 50cm x 50cm.

To make the fabric napkins, put the two fat quarters together. Sew them together on your sewing machine and leave a 6mm seam. Once it has been sewn, use an iron to press the napkins. When this project is done, you can finish your napkin with a straight topstitch.

Scrunchies - You can make scrunchies with all your leftover fat quarters. Once again, you do not need more than two fat quarters with the same design. You will also need some elastic and a manual sewing needle. An additional benefit of this particular project is that you can do this by hand or with the sewing machine.

As the scrunchies are a little more difficult than our previously suggested project, we recommend only tackling the scrunchies when you are a little more advanced at sewing. Depending on the size of scrunchies, you will need to adjust the size of your fat quarter. For a large scrunchie, cut the fat quarter in strips of 9cm x 56cm.

Once you have the right size of fabric, then put the fabric together and fold the raw edges over. Then, leave a 6mm seam and stitch the edges, just make sure that the ends of the fabric remain open.

When the stitching is complete, you need to turn the fabric inside out. Attach a safety pin on one end of the fabric, this will prevent the fabric from turning over again. Next press the fabric and then thread your elastic throughout the fabric tube. When the elastic is threaded, you can start stitching the elastic. Make sure you stitch tightly, otherwise your construction may come apart.

To finish your project, you will have to stitch the ends of the scrunchie together. Make sure you press the edge again, as this will give you a much smoother finish.

Where To Get Fat Quarters?

You do not have to look far for superior fat quarters for a low price, because Spotlight stocks a large number! At Spotlight, you can find fat quarters in various colours and designs, this includes circles, bicycles, Santa Claus, dog bones, flowers, and loads more. Our fat quarters also come in various kinds of fabrics, which ensure you can use them for all projects you have in mind.

In addition to fat quarters, you can also count on Spotlight for additional sewing supplies. We provide fabric by the metre, but also sewing machines, manual sewing needles, trims, and anything else you may need for sewing projects. Be sure to check out the sewing catalogue for a full overview of what we have to offer you.



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