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Don’t spend your precious time trying to find the right quilt patches that actually match! Spotlight provides an extensive range with quilting bundles. Each bundle contains a matching selection of flat fats, which you can use to create the perfect quilt. From baby quilts to decorate the nursery to creating a stunning quilt for your bedroom, there is nothing you can’t do with the selection of quilting bundles from Spotlight. Check out the quilting bundles today and benefit from a sharp deal.

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Fix Common Quilting Issues With The Tips From Spotlight

Quilting requires some knowledge and the right supplies, but that does not mean that you will not encounter any problems with your projects once you have obtained these valuable assets. In fact, there are common quilting mistakes that are made even by more experienced quilting lovers. So, let's take a look at these common mistakes and how they can be corrected.

Why Are The Colours On My Quilt Running?

This is one of the most common problems beginners will encounter, so don't worry if you have made this mistake as you are not the only one. The cause of running colours is quite simple though, as it simply means the fabric was not prepared before you started sewing.

To ensure the colours won't "bleed", it is essential to prewash your fabric before you start sewing. You should also prewash your fabrics for another reason. Some fabrics can shrink on their first wash. Evidently, this is something you want to avoid as it could impact the look of your project once it is completed.

What If I Can Never Make A Quilt Like On The Pattern?

Quilting projects can be incredibly intricate, so it is quite easy to grab some of those quilt patterns that look amazing. Unfortunately, quilting patterns that look fabulous tend to be a little harder to make. They could require more advanced skills and a good eye for colour matching. If you had some quilts that did not come out like they look on the pattern, then it is recommended to choose a beginner pattern that is much easier to create. You may want to practice some of the basic quilting skills too before you start on your next project.

Why Do I Always Run Out Of Fabric?

Many beginners always have to go back to the store in the middle of their project, much to their annoyance. Sometimes, the fabric they need is completely sold out as well, which does not help the situation. So, how can you avoid running out of fabric?

Before you start on your first quilting project, it is important to learn fabric estimates for quilting projects. Once you have your estimate, always add an extra meter to your estimate just in case. Once you do this, the chances of running out of fabric will be negligible.

Why Do My Fabric Pieces Never Look Completely Square?

There is a technique crafters use called "pressing". If you do not use this technique, your fabric squares will look incredibly off. Firstly, each of your fabric squares will have wrinkles, which makes it harder to sew and could cause irregularities in your final results.

To press the fabric, simply blot your fabric and press gently. If you have some persistent wrinkles or folds in your fabric, then you can use an iron with a little bit of steam. However, make sure not to press the fabric squares too much. If you do add too much pressure, your fabric will start to warp, which is not ideal for the final result either.

Why Do My Stitches Unravel On My Quilting Project?

When the stitches unravel on your project, it is likely due to a lack of backstitch. When there is no backstitch, your fabric squares will start to unravel almost instantly or at least within a week after finishing your project.

What If My Design Never Shows Properly On The Quilt?

This is something you need experience for. If you have a stunning design from the start, you are really gifted or incredibly lucky. To get the best result, you need to know how to use light, medium and dark-toned fabrics and how to arrange them.

When you start with quilting, always start with something simple. If you choose quilts with too many different colours and designs, it is easy to make a mistake where your design is concerned. So, don't worry if you don't get it right immediately. It just takes some time and practice.

Benefit From The Quilting Bundles At Spotlight

The quilting bundles at Spotlight can make quilting easier for beginners. They provide you with the right selection of squares and colours, so you can get the right design from the very start. Check out the range today to grab your deal!



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