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Important Quilting Terminology Explained

A lot of crafts have their own terminology, which can make it harder for beginners to get into a new craft. Quilting is one of the crafts that has a lot of unique terms - this goes from the name of the tools to fabrics. To help beginners take their first steps in the world of quilting, here are some of the most important terms you should learn about quilting.

What Is A Quilting Blender?

Quilting blenders are pieces of fabric of a certain colour that correspond with the other colours on your quilt. For example, if you have colours such as red on your quilt, you can create more contrast by buying quilting blender in various red tones or with a red pattern.

What Is A Quilt Backing?

The quilt backing is one of the three layers of your quilt. A quilt consists of the top layer, batting in the middle, and the quilt backing in the back. The quilt backing is usually longer than the front of the quilt.

What Is Quilt Batting?

As we mentioned briefly in the previous section, quilt batting is one of the three layers of your quilt. Batting is the middle layer, so this part is used to add a little warmth and weight to your quilt. Because of the function of quilt batting, there are various materials that can be used for this layer - this includes cotton, bamboo, wool, polyester blends, and more.

What Is Quilt Binding?

When you are about to finish your quilt, you will get familiar with quilt binding. Quilt binding is a long strip of fabric, which is implemented on the borders of your quilt. Therefore, the purpose of quilt binding is the finishing and detailing of your quilt.

What Is Continuous Line Quilting?

Continuous line quilting refers to a specific technique that is used during the quilting process. When a crafter uses continuous line quilting, he or she will apply a design line into the quilt. The design line must run from the start of your quilt to the end to be a continuous quilt line.

What Is The Quilt Drape?

A lot of quilting patterns can mention the drape throughout the instructions. While it may remind you of the "drape" of other items such as curtains, the drape of a quilt is a little different. The drape of your quilt refers to the comfort of it. So, this factor can be influenced by the materials you use for your respective layers - this includes the batting in particular.

What Is Echo quilting?

When you are a beginner, you might not encounter the term echo quilting until you become a little more proficient. Echo quilting is an advanced technique used by crafters. During the echo quilting process, the quilting is done around an outline of applique, pattern, or design. Then, this process is repeated again and again over a previously stitched line.

An advanced technique such as echo quilting requires a special foot for the sewing machine, more specifically the hopper foot. You will need the hopper foot to determine the measurements between each of the repeated echoes.

What Is The Loft Of A Quilt?

Another term that will be used in reference to your quilting project is the "loft". When loft is mentioned, the pattern will refer to the overall thickness of your quilt. Naturally, this aspect is determined by the batting you use.

What Is Micro Quilting?

Micro quilting can be considered as a separate craft on its own. During this process, the quilting process only functions as a background on another crafting project. In most cases, the quilted piece will be a detailed pattern or a motif.

What Is A Quilt Sandwich?

The quilt sandwich is the collection of the three layers of your quilt. It is also the term used to refer to your quilt before you execute the binding process. So, there are many patterns that will include the term "quilt sandwich" in the instructions.

How Can I Get More Familiar With Quilting Terminology?

Beginners often benefit from getting a quilting pattern, as the instructions often include a glossary of terms to get familiar with. Beginners can obtain these patterns for an affordable price from Spotlight. Of course, we also have advanced patterns for experienced quilters.



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