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The Different Kinds Of Pins Available At Spotlight

Anyone with a love for crafting has a collection of pins in various shapes and sizes. Today, we take a closer look at the different types of pins available, so you can build a collection to match your craft. So, if you do not know everything you need to know about pins, be sure to check out the different types of pins in our catalogue.

What Are Nappy Pins?

Our first type of pin is quite straightforward and self-explanatory, more specifically the nappy pin. As the name suggests, the nappy pin is used to fasten cloth diapers. Of course, they can also have some applications in crafting projects, providing you don't mind being a little creative.

What Are Dressmaking Pins?

Dressmaking pins are the pins that are most commonly used in sewing projects. When you take a closer look at a dressmaking pin, you will notice they heavily resemble a nail. Therefore, it is easy to pick out a dressmaking pin from the more colourful options.

As you can imagine, dressmaking pins can be used for a lot of different things in crafting. Firstly, they are used to fix garments and fabrics into place before the stitching process begins. They are also used to add clothing pieces to a mannequin, which allows fashion designers to make alterations or adjustments to their design.

Much like the nappy pin, the dressmaking pin can be used for other crafts and applications. Some crafters use dressmaking pins to pin their notes on a board, while others simply use them as markers. There is no real limit to what these dressmaking pins can be used for.

What Are Glass Head Pins?

Anyone who sews on a regular basis should have some glass head pins in their personal collection. Glass head pins are characterised by the typical metal shaft and a white glass ball point at the other end, this makes the needle easier to handle and easier to spot on a fabric.

One of the most important things to remember about the glass head pin is that the glass material can withstand the heat of an iron. Since ironing is not that uncommon during the sewing process, this can make certain actions a lot easier for the modern-day crafter.

What Are Ball-Point Pins?

Ball-point pins look a lot like glass head pins, yet they are quite different. Still, it is not difficult to see why they can be confused with one another, as the ball-point pin also has a ball at one end and the metal shaft on the other end.

Opposed to the glass head pins, ball-point pins are available in a variety of different colours, this includes white, but also blue, red, yellow, black, and more. The different colours come with a purpose as well, as it makes it easier to find a pin that contrasts with your fabric colour. In turn, you will find it much easier to find your pins and to sew in the right area.

Ball-point pins can come in various sizes and colours. Most manufacturers will offer these pins in a pack of the same size, but they will include different colours, as this is one of the most important features of this kind of pin.

What Are Quilting Pins?

When you look at ball-point pins and quilting pins, you might not notice any difference right off the bat. However, quilting pins are considerably stronger than ball-point pins, this is required to pierce the various layers of the quilt.

Much like the ball-point pin, the quilting pin is characterised by a coloured ball at one end and a metal shaft with a sharp point at the other end. However, when you compare the ball-point and the quilting pin, you may notice a difference in length and weight.

What Other Pins Could I Encounter For Crafting?

There are more pins you could encounter for crafting, this includes the so-called plastic head pin, T-pin, and more. Since having a good collection of pins could prove useful for sewing and other crafts, we can certainly recommend checking out our entire range of sewing pins available. Remember, when you shop at Spotlight, you always get the best prices.



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