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Your Ultimate Guide To Sequins Fabrics

Once you become proficient at sewing, you start looking at some of the more advanced fabrics out there. One of those more advanced fabrics are sequins fabrics. Evidently, these fabrics are used for garments that need to stand out, but they can be trickier to work with. So, before you start, here is everything you need to know about working with sequin fabric.

What Should I Do Before Working With Sequin Fabric For The First Time?

Working with sequin fabrics for the first time can feel a little daunting, but there are some things you can do to keep things as straightforward as possible.

When you work with a sequin fabric for the first time, always choose a simpler pattern. Sequin fabrics demand more preparation work than other fabrics, so complex patterns can only complicate the matter. Once you become more experienced at working with sequin fabrics, you can ramp up the complication factor.

Before you start cutting and sewing, it can be a good idea to test your design. Of course, it is best not to do this with sequins. Instead, use another fabric that is similar to sequin fabric, this may include a stretch mesh.

These are some top tips for beginners that make working with sequins a little easier, but they are far from the only professional tips you can implement. Below, Spotlight elaborates on cutting sequin fabrics as well as some additional things to take into consideration.

How Should I Cut Sequin Fabric?

Before you start cutting your sequin fabric, you also need to check how your sequins are laying on your garment. As you know already, the cut of your fabric will influence how the sequins lay, so this is something that requires careful consideration.

Check how your sequins will lay on your garment and then cut in that direction, so the direction of the sequins remains unaffected. Evidently, this can be a painstaking process that takes a lot of time. However, it is better than ending up with a garment with sequins that seem to lay wrong. So, it is worth spending some extra time on the cutting process.

Before you do anything with the fabric, it is also recommended to hang it up for a little bit. It is not recommended to start sewing with sequin fabrics immediately, as the sequins can get a little tangled while they are packaged. So, let your fabric settle a little bit before you start sewing.

Can I Iron Sequin Fabrics?

This is the one thing you cannot do with sequin fabrics, this because sequins can melt under the heat of the iron. If you do need to flatten your sequin fabric, it is best to use a garment steamer. Be careful though, you should keep enough distance between the steamer and the fabric, otherwise it could still influence the fabric negatively.

When sequins melt on the fabric, it obviously impacts the look of the sequins. However, it does more than that, it also negatively impacts the overall drape of the material. So, it will be extremely difficult to construct your garment with your fabric like this.

Do I Always Need To Add Lining Fabric To A Sequins Garment?

When you construct a garment from sequin fabric, you need to take comfort into consideration. Sequin fabrics are some of the most beautiful, but not necessarily the most comfortable. So, to add to your comfort level, simply use an appropriate lining fabric to make the garment more comfortable to wear.

There are several lining fabrics available at Spotlight that will work beautifully on your project. Be sure to check the lining fabrics in our overview to find the perfect option for your needs.

Choose From A Huge Range Of Sequin Fabrics At Spotlight

Spotlight has a large range of sequin fabrics, suitable for a variety of projects. Crafters can use our sequin fabric for garment construction, but also for accessories and other projects. Spotlight offers a massive range of sequin fabrics, offered in various designs and colours. Since our sequin fabrics are available for the sharpest prices possible, you will have little problems finding an attractive deal for your next project. Check out the range of sequin fabrics today and benefit from the sharp prices.



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