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Lace Fabrics And Their Applications Revealed At Spotlight

Lace is not a fabric most beginners will work with, yet more advanced crafters are looking at lace for countless projects. From creating home decor items to fashionable dresses, lace has countless benefits.

Is this the first time you will be working with lace and could you use some additional information on the fabric? Read our overview of common lace fabrics and their applications below.

What Is Needle Lace And What Is It Used For?

Needle lace is known under a variety of names, this includes needle-made lace and point lace. Making this type of lace is a delicate process, as it is made with a needle, thread, and countless minuscule stitches.

The material needle lace can be traced back to 16th century Italy. Back then, it was called "reticella". Of course, nowadays' needle lace looks quite different, as a lot of variants have sprouted from this original lace material.

There are many applications for needle lace these days. It is used for decorative table cloths, wedding veils, wedding dresses, and even in formal dresses worn at cocktail parties.

What Is Cutwork Lace And What Is It Used For?

Much like the previously mentioned needle lace, cutwork lace finds its origins in Italy. Known under the name "punto tagliato", this lace is made from cotton or linen, where specific parts of the fabric are cut away. To give the material added strength upon removal of tiny bits of fabric, the holes are often reinforced with some embroidery or some needle lace.

In the old days, cutwork lace was popular as a decorative element on petticoats. Because of the way it is made, cutwork lace can have many applications in fashion and home decoration. It is also a popular supplemental fabric for embroiderers, considering how this fabric is reinforced.

What Is Bobbin Lace And What Is It Used For?

Another lace textile you may come across in your crafting adventures is bobbin lace. Bobbin lace is created through an intricate braiding and twisting process, which are then put on a dedicated bobbin.

While bobbin lace has the same applications as the lace fabrics mentioned earlier, we must mention that making bobbin lace on its own is considered a craft. In fact, crafters in Bruges in Belgium actually create this lace while the public is watching. The lace is then sold as a souvenir.

What Is Knotted Lace And What Is It Used For?

Knotted lace does not cover one specific kind of lace. In fact, knotted lace is a general term used to describe all lace that are made with an intricate knotting process. Knotted lace also includes a special type of lace called macrame.

Most types of knotted lace are used as a detailing fabric on fashion garments. One modern example of knotted lace is the decorative edge around the Turkish headscarf. Of course, it can also be used for detailing on formal dresses and other fashionwear.

What Is Knitted Lace And What Is It Used For?

Knitted lace is quite unique, as this type of technique can be used to make entire garments as well as table cloths. While most types of lace are used as a decorative accent, knitted lace is more special due to the versatility it provides.

A knitted lace fabric usually has some typical characteristics. The building block of knitted lace will have a 1 or 2 stitch decrease and an eyelet hole, the latter is implemented to replace the stitches that are not on the building block later on.

One of the additional benefits of knitted lace is that countless knitting techniques can be used to create quite some unique designs. If you need some inspiration, there are plenty of unique projects to be found online.

What Lace Can I Get From Spotlight?

Spotlight has a beautiful collection of lace for all your projects. We have some traditional and basic lace designs, but also more modern options that will look wonderful in your latest fashion designs and home decor projects. To get a full overview of the wonderful fabrics we have to offer you, please head over to the main lace catalogue and benefit from our amazing prices today!



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