Reeves Watercolour Coastal Painting Project

Level: Advanced

What you'll need:

  • Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paints:
    • Phthalo Green
    • Turquoise
    • Ultramarine
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Alizarin Crimson Hue
    • Indigo
    • Indian Red
  • Medium round paint brushes
  • Black Paper
  • Mixing palette


Step 1

  • Wash Phthalo Green (blue shade) at a gentle undertone to some water close to the rocks. Vary to a mid-tone wash in parts of the water (bottom right).
  • Use Turquoise undertone to brush a gentle blue to the sky where it meets the land. Wash a gentle turquoise to the rest of the water.
  • Add a mid-tone turquoise to some areas in the water closer to the front.

Step 2

  • Add ultramarine as a gentle wash to the top half of the sky. You can make this slightly stronger on the left side of the sky.
  • Add depth into the rock areas along the two lines and also at the base of the rocks where they meet the water at the front.
  • Also dapple a bit on the front left rock.

Step 3

  • Use an undertone wash of Burnt Sienna to the headlands in the background.
  • Use Burnt Sienna on the rock in the water and to the distant rock on the left.
  • Use a gentle wash of Alizarin Crimson to the rocks in the mid to foreground (on the left).
  • Add some stronger mid tones of Burnt Sienna and Alizarin Crimson Hue to some rocks coming toward the front.

Step 4

  • Wash a gentle undertone of Ultramarine to the headland on the right (in the distance). This will mute the burnt sienna and make a grey.
  • Add a mix of indigo and ultramarine at a mid-tone to the left headland in the distance.
  • Brush a gentle undertone of indigo quickly over the background water. You want the brush to separate and leave some areas without paint.
  • Add indigo at a mass and mid-tone to the squiggly lines in the middle ground area of water by the rocks.
  • Add a few dashes of mid-tone indigo into the water at the right like they are broken ripples. Make this lighter and smaller going back to halfway to the distant horizon.

Step 5 - Add a mass and mid-tone of Indian red to areas in the rocky outcrop on the left to create suggestion of form and to the base of the rock in the water (bottom middle) to give it form.

Step 6 - Mix Ultramarine and Indian Red to create a subdued purple. Then, use this mix at a mid-tone to add more shadow to some areas of the rocks and edges of the rocks where they meet water (see pic).

Step 7 - Use both colours separately in areas of the water at mid and mass tone to create more energy and depth of colour in the water towards the front.



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