Jo Sonja Tiger Painting Project

What you'll need:

  • 10x12in Semco single stretch canvas
  • Jo Sonja Paints in titanium white, carbon black, Indian yellow, rose pink, pine green, green light, phthalo blue & provincial beige
  • Paint brushes


Step 1 - Start by outlining an image on the canvas using pencil. Be gentle when sketching as not to damage the canvas. You can use an eraser to correct your sketch.

Step 2 - Begin by painting the tiger, we used Indian yellow for the fur and carbon black for the stripes. For the ears, we used provincial beige. Don't paint the areas with the white detailing, we used titanium white to correct lines and smudges. Let the painting dry entirely before starting the background.

Step 3 - We then started painting the background using phthalo blue. Painting around the greenery and flowers so you don't paint over your sketch.

Step 4 - For the greenery, we mixed pine green and light green to create different shades for added depth. For the flowers, we mixed rose pink and titanium white to create a light hue. For the branch, we mixed provincial beige, a smidge of carbon black and a bit of indian yellow to create a brown shade. You can play around with the ratio until you get your desired shade. Let dry before going in to add detailed line work.

Step 5 - We recommend going back with more paint to clean up smudges or lines.

Step 6 - Let the painting dry for a day before displaying your new artwork.



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