Rhinestone Cowboy Hat Project

Level: Beginner

What you'll need:


Step 1 - Collect all the required materials listed above. Ensure you have a clean workspace with good lighting. As you will be using glitter it's a good idea to lay down some newspaper or a drop sheet to collect the excess.

Step 2 - Spray the top of the cowboy hat with a light layer of E6000 Spray Adhesive glue.

Step 3 - Sprinkle an even coverage of Crafters Choice White AB Glitter to cover the entire top of the hat. Leave to dry.

Step 4 - Cut a strip of Arbee pink glitter felt approximately 2 to 3 cm to create a band around the hat.

Step 5 - Use a hot glue gun to stick the band of felt to the base of the hat, glue on rhinestones in your desired pattern.

Step 6 - Measure and cut a strip of Stretch Sequin trim long enough to go around the edge of the brim of the cowboy hat.

Step 7 - Cut strips of single sequin trim 10cms long, glue them along the edge of the back of the thicker stretch sequin trim.

Step 8 - Finish by gluing the trim to the edge of the hat.



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