Level: Intermediate



Step 1 - Carefully take apart the feather flower crin fascinator so you have 2 pieces of crin.

Step 2 - Carefully take off the paper base from the navy fascinator. Place the heading on the head form and reposition the paper base to the middle of the headband. Stitch in place using a needle and thread. At this point it's best to try it on your own head to ensure the balance of the weight is right and the fascinator won't fall off. Readjust if needed.

Step 3 - Working with one piece of crin at a time, stitch the crin in place onto the paper base to create a halo of crin around the face. Repeat with second piece of crin for a double layer effect.

Step 4 - Now it's time to create the oversized flower. Form the navy fabric cut out different sized petal shapes and add to the large flower to make it even bigger, attach with hot glue or stitch in place.

Step 5 - Cut the petals off the 2 x basic millinery flowers and use those petals to fill in any gaps and again attach with hot glue or stitch in place.

Step 6 - To finish attach the flower to the top of your paper base, hiding any of the crin raw edges. Hot glue or stitch in place to secure.



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