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Shop a Range of Paper Straws, Cornstarch Straws & Sugarcane Straws at Spotlight

Here at Spotlight we have a great range of classy, practical and silly straws you can use for events and specialty drinks. Coming in a great range of colours and patterns, you can choose from classic plastic and eco-friendly paper, cornstarch and sugar cane straws for your event.

We also gave fun crazy straws featuring bright colours and adorable add-ons children are sure to love using! Using party straws means less chance of spillages and mess, plus they make drinking easier for some people. You can buy party straws for events or everyday use here!

What Straw Material Is Best For Me?

Our straws come in a few different materials - here's the breakdown so you can choose which is best for your needs:

  • Paper straws - paper straws can be recycled if they are pure paper and degrade in a matter of months, making them much more environmentally friendly than plastic! Paper straws don't last long in drinks though, so they shouldn't be used for beverages that are meant to be consumed slowly.
  • Cornstarch straws - designed to feel just like plastic, cornstarch straws are made from plants and are compostable under the right conditions. They are also bio compostable, meaning they don't release any harmful gases as they decompose! They are not recyclable, so make sure to dispose of them correctly so they can degrade properly.
  • Sugarcane straws - created from sugarcane pulp, these straws can be composted and are biodegradable. They are resistant to strong temperatures and so can be used in hot and chilled drinks.

    What Other Partyware Can I Find At Spotlight?

    Spotlight has everything you need for parties, not just straws! If you're hosting an event, check out the following categories:

    • Cocktail accessories - pop your straws in some tasty cocktails created with our quality cocktail-making accessories! We have everything you need, including ice-cube trays, skewers, glasses and stirrers.
    • Party cutlery - choose from plastic or eco-friendly cutlery sets in a great range of colours and styles to suit your event.
    • Party plates - make cleanup easy with our range of party plates! Check out our range of reusable plastic and compostable wooden and cornstarch plates.
    • Party table covers - keep your dining table clean with any of our colourful party table covers. Choose from themed, patterned or plain table covers for your event.
    • Party bowls - serve lollies, chips and other snacks in any of our quality party bowls.

    Find The Right Straws At Spotlight

    You can find quality colourful straws to suit your needs at Spotlight! Shop at your local Spotlight store or online, where you can choose from a variety of payment options and collection services - both home delivery and click and collect are available.

    We hope we've inspired you for your next event! Check out our celebration blog for heaps of fun party ideas, like how to entertain outdoors in summer and how to throw an awesome 90s party.



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