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How To Get The Perfect Event Lighting At Your Venue?

Lighting is a crucial part of venue design for events. After all, each type of event requires a specific tone and mood, which can be achieved through the use of the correct lighting. But which lights match your event? Let's find out!

What Is The Best Lighting For A Business Event?

When you choose lights for a business event, you should always avoid lights that are too bright. The problem with bright lights is that they can strain the eyes and cause blurry vision as well as fatigue.

For your business event to look right, you will require some softer lighting on the sides of your venue. If your event takes place during the day, always make sure to take full advantage of any natural light that is present.

Some business events can also have a speaker, so the lighting must be adjusted in these cases. When there is a speaker or a stage, you want to add a little more lighting in that area. By doing so, you will pull focus to the right area. However, do avoid lights that are too bright again, as this could have a poor effect on the attention span of the attendees.

What Is The Best Lighting For Charity Events?

For charity events, the same rules tend to apply as business event. Go for gentle lighting along the sides and avoid harsh lighting. However, opposed to business events, charity events may require more functional lighting.

A common mistake that is made by people in regard to functional lighting is that they choose lights that are too bright. As we have mentioned earlier, brighter lights will actually have an opposite effect to what you have in mind. For example, if you have a dedicated table where people sign up for charity donations, harsher light may look less attractive.

When you have a display table of some sorts, try to choose light tones that are similar to the theatre. In other words, you are looking for functional lighting with an ambient and warm overtone. Using this type of lighting is more likely to attract people to the display in question.

What Lighting Is Best For Weddings?

One of the most delicate events where lighting is concerned is a wedding. After all, the creation of romantic ambiance is a subtle blend of the right mood and the specific theme you are going for. Fortunately, there are a couple of tips you can implement to make wedding lighting a little more straightforward.

When you arrange the lighting for a wedding, always choose some warm lighting. Whether the lights are on the side of the venue or your have some overhead lighting available, always choose subtler and warmer options.

At a wedding venue, you must account for the fact that food will be served. Warmer overhead lighting is really functional in that regard, as guests can easily see what they are eating but still get that romantic vibe.

When it comes to weddings, the use of candles is almost recommended where lighting is concerned. Candles automatically provide a warm ambiance and romantic atmosphere. However, we never advise using candles on their own. Always use a combination of candles and some warm functional lighting for the best possible effect at a wedding venue.

How Do I Get The Best Lighting For Photography At My Venue?

Lots of events will have photography. You could have a series of disposable cameras laying around or you may have hired a photographer. In either of these cases, be sure that you take the lighting into account for better photography.

If you are not that knowledgeable in terms of photography lighting, you should make an appointment with the photographer at your venue beforehand. Your photographer should be able to provide you with some suggestions on how to make the venue more accommodating for better photographs. In most cases, only minor adjustments are required.

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