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If you are throwing a themed party, then our party packs include everything you need for tableware that will perfectly complement your decor. Serve up party snacks in style with party packs for both adults and children. Find disposable bowls, plates, napkins and more that have been adorned with your child's favourite character or shop simple designs that would be ideal for an adult's birthday, engagement or any other celebration. Plus, our party packs available now with bargains galore across the range.

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How To Create A Reusable Party Pack For Your Children's Birthday Party

Reusable party packs can be incredibly useful, especially for your children's birthday parties for years to come. But why is having such a pack so useful? And how do you even start with these kinds of party packs. Fortunately, you can find all the answers at Spotlight.

Why Are Reusable Party Packs So Useful To Parents?

If you have thrown a birthday party for your child in the past, you already know how many paper plates and cups are just wasted. Evidently, disposable party supplies are not always the most environmentally friendly. So, parents who want to protect the environment could benefit from creating a reusable party pack instead.

What Should Be Included In A Reusable Party Pack?

To ensure you have everything you need for your party pack, we have created a quick overview of the supplies you can consider.

Plates: A selection of reusable plates is certainly essential for your party pack. While it is difficult to estimate the amount you will need, 20 plates is more than enough is most cases.

Evidently, you do not need to purchase ceramic plates, as these can break and might not be as suitable for children's parties. Therefore, some reusable plastic plates can be the best option.

Cups: You will also need a selection of cups for the party. Ideally, you want to obtain the same amount of plates and cups, although it could be useful to by a few extra cups just in case.

Food tray: A food tray, which can be used to serve foods or for the children to put their plates on, can be useful too. You do not need a large amount of food trays, although we do recommend a minimum of four for your pack.

Bowls: Some reusable bowls are brilliant for a birthday pack as well. You can use them for the snacks you will be serving at the party, or even for the food depending on what you are preparing. For most parties, a selection of 5 to 10 bowls is more than enough.

Birthday decorations: It can be useful to add the birthday decorations to the birthday pack as well, this ensures that everything is in one convenient place. One great reusable decoration you should certainly consider is some bunting, but reusable tablecloths could also be added to the mix. It all depends on how elaborate you want your pack to be.

What Material Is Best For Reusable Party Pack Products?

As you may know already, reusable materials can vary greatly. Manufacturers use anything from bamboo to plastic, even though many parents are looking to avoid the latter these days. That being said, plastic could actually be the best option.

Plastic is a reusable material and is less prone to breakage, especially compared to ceramic materials. Manufacturers are now looking to make their plastics more environmentally friendly too, so you are bound to find options that are BPA free and can easily be put in the dishwasher as well.

If you are considering bamboo, always check if the manufacturer has used any resin or plastic polymers. If they did, then your bamboo products are not that recyclable. In these cases, standard plastic will be the better option.

What Is The Best Way To Store A Reusable Party Pack?

Reusable party packs can be stored easily, but you must keep them away from excessive sunlight and dust. If you want to store them in your garage for example, it can be beneficial to store them in some clear plastic storage boxes. You can also get these for a low price at Spotlight, this in addition to other clever storage solutions. So, it is certainly a good idea to check those out.

Party Packs And Supplies From Spotlight

At Spotlight, you will find everything you need for your next party or gathering, no matter the nature of it. We have birthday party supplies for children and adults, but also decorations you might need for weddings, anniversaries and other gatherings. To fully discover the range of party supplies at Spotlight, be sure to head over to our main catalogue and check out all the supplies available.



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