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Pump up your party and illuminate your event with our superb selection of party equipment at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for fun decorations, festive lights, or equipment to make your party excellent, we have got you covered. Decorate your bash and make sure your event is the party of the year, shop party equipment at Spotlight today.

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Selecting Party Equipment For Your Event

Spotlight provides a good range of party equipment for a variety of events. Evidently, there are lots of supplies you will encounter. So, let us take a closer look at the party equipment you may have to purchase and the things to consider.

What Tables And Chairs Do I Need For My Party?

Not everyone will need to purchase tables and chairs for their event, as most venues provided you with this furniture. However, you may need additional tables for guest registration, the display of food, goodie bags, and other display purposes.

Tables and chairs can be an investment, so if you can find a venue where this furniture is provided, it could save you some money. If you cannot find such a venue, be sure to incorporate the cost of tables and chairs in your budget.

What Tents And Canopies Are Needed For A Party?

Canopies and tents are used for outdoor events. As they are quite popular in New Zealand, you will find loads of possibilities. You can find them in different builds, colours, designs, and more. However, the main concern with all canopies and tents is their durability and safety.

There are three general types of canopies that are used for party events. Here is an outline of each type and their characteristics.

Instant: The instant canopies are the easiest to use for most people. Since they are relatively lightweight and fast to put up, many people use them for outdoor barbecues, beach trips, and even camping trips.

Most instant canopies are relatively compact, which means they are remarkably portable as well. Because of their compact nature and their no-frills exterior, you will find that the instant canopies are also the most affordable.

Framed: Frame canopies and tents are a little heavier than instant canopies. These canopies are supported by poles at the edges, but none are present in the centre. Contrary to instant canopies, framed canopies can come in larger sizes. You can get more compact versions, but they will be heavier than the instant versions.

Do I Need Any Signs For My Party?

Even smaller events can have some signs to get that party vibe going, although they aren't really needed for functional purposes. If you have a bigger venue however, signs can become quite useful. They can be implemented to guide your guests from the parking area to your venue or even to point the way to the toilets.

What Lighting Do I Need For My Party?

Lights are counted amongst the most important pieces of party equipment. Evidently, there are many possible choices depending on your venue. Here is a quick overview of the possibilities available to you.

Candles: These are the most affordable forms of party lighting. They create a lovely ambiance, but they are not considered as functional lighting. So, if you need to light up a certain area with functional lighting for your guests, you may have to combine your candles with some bulbs.

Dimmers: When you have the party at your home, it could be beneficial to use the dimmers. By using the dimmers, you can immediately set the right tone in your home. If the light is too bright, you simply turn it down to create a more understated and subtler atmosphere.

Disco lights: We only recommend using disco lights when you are looking for a club-vibe or an overall dramatic look. As you may have seen in the past, disco lights are really dramatic, so only use this for parties where such lighting is appropriate.

Fairy lights and garlands: When you want the whimsical look at your venue, then fairy lights and garlands are the way to go. Both options are very affordable and can cover a considerable distance in your venue. They can be functional depending on the brightness but can also provide a good ambiance.

Find All Your Party Equipment At Spotlight

Spotlight has a big range of party equipment and supplies, all available for the sharpest prices. Whether you are looking to create an elaborate feast for your guests, or are finding yourself on a tight budget, Spotlight can provide you with the best deals on all party supplies and party equipment.



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