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Make sure it is a party to remember and decorate your bash with our bright and colourful range of crepe streamers and paper folds at Spotlight. Whatever you are celebrating, these fun and fabulous decorations are affordable and available in a wide array of fabulous colours and design. Shop the selection online or at your local Spotlight store today for cute decor at fantastic prices.

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Discover How To Make Your Party Better With Our Decoration Tips!

There are various decorations you can use to make your party venue look wonderful. Of course, the party you are decorating for will have an influence on the types of decorations you choose. If you want to be fully prepared to decorate a party, check out some of our top tips below.

What Is The Best Way To Decorate An Elegant Occasion Such As A Wedding Or Anniversary?

Elegant decorations are pretty straightforward, as you can use neutral colours and some basic decorations. Common decorations used for elegant gatherings include floral arrangements, centrepieces, and subtle candles.

The colours used for elegant occasions are usually white, gold, and silver. Slight variants on this are also possible, but you have to make sure you do not use any colours that are overpowering.

Another golden rule to elegant gatherings is to make sure you have an attention to detail. Napkins, plate settings, and even the tablecloth need to match the event perfectly.

How Should I Decorate For A Graduation Party?

Graduation parties are quite straightforward, as you immediately have a theme and a colour scheme to use. Most people tend to choose the school colours, which certainly signify the graduation event.

For graduation parties, it is important not to choose anything too fancy. While you could make it an elegant occasion, graduation parties must match the age of the person being celebrated. As most graduates are quite young, it is best to take this into consideration when you choose decorations, cutlery, food, and more.

How Should I Decorate For Seasonal Events Such As Halloween And Valentine's Day?

Special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day are usually associated with certain colours, which you can use for your decorations.

Orange and black are popular colours for Halloween celebrations. You could also supplement these basic colours with scary decorations such as artificial cobwebs, fake spiders, and even some hollowed out pumpkins. It all depends on your personal preferences and how much room you have available.

When it comes to decorating for Valentine's Day, you should certainly include red. Red is the colour of love and commonly associated with Valentine's Day. You could also use shapes such as hearts and cupids. You can find string lights in red, or in a heart shape. There is no limit to what you can choose for this special occasion. You can also add a romantic centrepiece on each of the tables to make everything come together.

For Christmas, you usually will have little trouble finding decorations. The holiday season is big business for many stores, so you can find Christmas tree decorations, garlands, centrepieces, and loads more. Of course, if you have some other decorations inside your home that have the colour red, gold, green, or silver, you can also use them to supplement your Christmas setup.

Why Is The Venue Important When Planning My Decorations?

The venue is vital to choosing the best decorations for your needs. For example, a small venue does somewhat limit you in terms of decoration size. If you have a larger venue, you will need more decorations and even some statement pieces to fill up the venue accordingly.

Of course, in addition to the venue, you must also consider the budget you have available. A small budget does not necessarily mean you cannot get everything you need. However, it does mean you have to select some budget-friendly decorations. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to deliver these for the best price.

Are Balloons Suitable For All Special Occasions?

Balloons are counted among the most commonly used decorations. They are suitable for all special occasions, this goes from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings.

Even though balloons are suitable for all special occasions, you must consider the colour carefully. For example, bold primary colours are not as suitable for weddings and anniversaries, so it is best to stick with whites and champagne colours. Bold primary colours are best used for birthdays.

There are also other special occasions where you might need specific balloon colours. For example, a christening may require pink, blue, or white balloons. In most cases, you can easily use a combination of pink and white or blue and white, depending on the sex of the baby.



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