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Top Tips For Choosing The Best Halloween Costume For The Kids

Halloween is one of the special occasions where you will need to obtain some good Halloween costumes for the kids. But how do you start choosing a Halloween costume for your child? Even though they might have some ideas themselves, changing their minds is not uncommon. To ensure you get the right costume and accessories, here are some top tips from the Spotlight team.

Should I Use Face Paint Or A Mask For My Child's Costume?

This is something to consider first and foremost, because not all children are comfortable with masks. Some children with special needs can find wearing a mask quite scary, which makes the mask unsuitable for them. A mask that fits poorly can also affect breathing and vision, so if you do decide to choose a mask, it is important to ensure a proper fit and ensure your child is comfortable wearing one.

If a mask is not suitable for your little one, you could choose face paint as an alternative. Of course, safety must also be considered with face paints, as face paints may contain ingredients that your child is sensitive too. If your child has encountered sensitivities to certain products in the past, extra care is recommended.

Why Is The Right Size Costume So Important?

The right size does not only ensure your child is as comfortable as possible, a proper fitting costume is also safer. Halloween costumes that are too big could cause your child to trip and fall. A costume that is too small could hinder your child's movements too.

To ensure you pick a costume at Spotlight that is the right size for your child, it is a good idea to take measurements beforehand. Consider that children grow quickly as well, so it is recommended to take measurements shortly before Halloween to guarantee a proper fit.

What Special Features Does My Child's Halloween Costume Require?

Most Halloween costumes are not made with reflective materials. While this is not a problem for Halloween events that take place during the day, most trick or treat events take place after dark. As you want to make sure that your child is seen, some reflective materials on your child's Halloween costume is not a bad idea.

Evidently, finding Halloween costumes made from reflective materials is not that easy. However, you can purchase some reflective tape or some reflective accessories to ensure your child is seen after dark.

If you are not accompanying your child yourself for a trick or treat event, it can be a good idea to sew your child's name on the costume. If you want to be extra safe, you can also add your child's name on their trick or treat bag. When you add your child's name, do not forget to include your contact information, this ensures you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

The weather is also important when you choose a child's Halloween costume. After all, you do not want your child to be too warm or too cold. So, do not choose a summer costume if you know the temperatures will be a little lower or vice versa.

Some store-bought costumes can come with hazard warnings, this is usually the case if your costume contains small decorations or accessories. To ensure the costume is safe for your child, be sure that the costume you obtain is age appropriate by reading its product description.

Finally, flame-retardant materials are something that should be considered as well. With all those Jack-O-Lanterns and open flames at Halloween, it would not be uncommon for someone's costume to catch on fire. Getting a Halloween costume made from flame-retardant materials can prevent such accidents.

Where Can I Get Some Halloween Costume Ideas?

If you require some inspiration for your children's Halloween costumes, you will find plenty of ideas online. Parents are more than willing to share their store-bought or homemade Halloween costumes, from which you can get plenty of inspiration.

Parents can also count on Spotlight to provide some outstanding ideas for Halloween. Since we provide an expansive range of Halloween costumes for kids and adults, you are bound to find something your little one likes.



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