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Complete a character for your fancy dress or theatre costume with Spotlight's novelty party glasses! Choose from Happy Birthday glasses & many other styles!

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Make Your Costume Even Better With Our Selection Of Costume Glasses

Spotlight provides many accessories to make your fancy dress costume even better. One part of our accessories catalogue is our glasses section, packed with novelty glasses for men, women and children.

Creating the perfect fancy dress costume requires some careful thought. Yet, finding the perfect costume has become easier than ever with the help from Spotlight.

Which Style Of Fancy-Dress Costume Is Right For Me?

When you have taken a closer look at the selection of fancy-dress costumes that are available at Spotlight, you may have noticed that styles can be quite versatile. There are novelty options, but also wacky and scary costumes. So, it can take some time to determine which style fits you best.

One of the best ways to determine your personal style is to look at your existing wardrobe. How would you describe your current dress style? If you dress rather conservatively, you can choose the more conservative fancy-dress costumes. If you have lots of skirts in your wardrobe, then a costume with a skirt should not be a problem. Deciding on a style is therefore subject to your personal style.

Can I Choose All Colours For Fancy-Dress Costumes?

There is no real limit to the colours you will find fancy-dress costumes in, so there is no limitation in that regard. However, it is possible that you are more comfortable wearing certain colours than others. There could also be colours you do not like whatsoever. If this is the case, you can eliminate them from your fancy-dress costume and accessory options.

What Budget Do I Need For My Fancy-Dress Costume And Accessories?

The price of a fancy-dress costume can vary considerably. It is subject to the store where you purchase the costume, but also the materials it is made from and the availability of costumes at the time. During the Halloween period for example, specialist stores can charge a little more for fancy-dress costumes. On the flipside, you may find some special sales too.

When you do have to keep yourself to a certain budget, it is essential to determine this budget beforehand. Spending too much on a costume you cannot afford can really ruin the fun. By setting your budget beforehand, you ensure you can enjoy your fancy-dress event without money worries.

To ensure you get the best deal on your fancy-dress costume, we usually recommend getting your costume at least thirty days before the event. Not only does this give you plenty of time to look for deals, it also ensures you can make alterations to your costume if they should be needed. If you have made alterations, make sure you try the costume again one week before the fancy-dress party.

Can I Use A Group Costume For Fancy-Dress Occasions?

Group costumes have increased in popularity, but they are more difficult to pull off. After all, you have to depend on several people to pull a group costume off. It may even require some previous meetings with the entire group, which is not always that easy for adults with a full-time job.

Nevertheless, group costumes are bound to stand out at fancy-dress parties. You can all dress like a character from one Disney movie, or you can even go as characters from Sesame Street. You could even wear a single costume with two people, there is much to consider!

What Are The Classic Fancy-Dress Costumes?

Some fancy-dress costumes are considered as classics, so these costumes and their respective accessories are easy to find. Classic costumes include fairies, vampires, princesses, pirates, angels, devils, ghosts, and witches. So, if you want to play things safe for an upcoming fancy-dress party, then these are the categories to look for.

Of course, there are some costumes you can be creative with as well. The so-called fantasy costumes are prefect for those creative guests who like to tackle intricate face paint, elf ears, or even a homemade mage staff.

For additional inspiration, we urge you to check out the costumes catalogue at Spotlight too. In this section, you can find amazing fancy-dress costumes for the sharpest price. Match them up with our affordable accessories and you are ready to go.



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