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Crete show-stopping bakes, statement cakes and signature dishes with our superb selection of decorating books at Spotlight. Improve your cake decorating skills with tips and tricks from the experts, find inspiration, easy-to-follow recipes, and more, with this delightfully mouth-watering range. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a great gift idea for a loved one that loves to bake, one of our decorating books could be an excellent choice.

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Additional Tips For Cake Decorating Beginners

Cake decoration is a fun way to expand on your existing baking skills. Of course, decorating a cake is not always that straightforward, especially when you start working with new recipes and techniques. To ensure you get the most from your Spotlight experience, we do not only offer some detailed cake decorating and chocolate making books, we also provide you with some amazing tips!

Can I Use Real Fresh Flowers To Decorate A Cake?

You can add real flowers as a cake decoration, but it is important to remember that not all flowers are safe to use. In fact, some flowers are poisonous, so you might not want to add those to your cake.

The best way to determine if flowers are safe is to grow some yourself. After all, then you can be certain no pesticides were used on them. If you do not have a green thumb, your local florist may be able to help you too.

There are many flowers that are considered to be edible but remember that some variants may not be suitable. Lavender is a prime example. Even though it is considered to be an edible flower, there are many variants of regular lavender that may not be suitable. When in doubt, always speak to an expert first.

When using flowers to decorate cakes, do not forget that the sap from the stems can actually influence your beautiful cake design. To avoid this, you should always put a barrier around the stems if there are any, this includes some basic straws or some floral tape.

How Do I Master The Naked Layer Cake?

Those who just start decorating cakes could benefit from mastering the so-called naked layer cake. You will need this to master your frosting application skills. So, for this type of decorating, you will only need your cake and some amount of frosting.

One common mistake is that bakers apply the frosting to soon after baking the cake. If you have struggled with icing application in the past, then we have a good tip for you. Grab some plastic wrap and cover your entire cake in it. Then, place it in the freezer for approximately six hours. When you take it out, you can apply the icing layer. Of course, do this well before you want to serve the cake, as it will need some time to defrost.

Is There An Easy Way To Apply Icing?

There is no single method for the application of icing, but there are some techniques that can make the entire process easier. To start the application of icing, it is usually best to add your icing in the centre of your cake. Next, spread towards the edges of the cake and make sure the sides are covered too.

When you struggle getting the right amount of frosting over the edges, it can help to use a simple spatula. Believe it or not, the spatula is the tool that gives you the largest amount of control to spread icing evenly. So, even if you have little skill, the spatula will help you get a finish that rivals that of a pro baker.

How Do I Use Additional Decorations Such As Chocolate Sprinkles?

There are applicators you could use for sprinkles, nuts, and other small decorations that could be added to your cake. However, nothing beats applying these by hand. In most cases, you also need to press them against the cake to ensure these additional decorations do not fall off. So, despite the presence of applicators, applying them by hand is usually best and gives you the largest amount of control.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Chocolate sprinkles can be a prime example, as the heat of your hands may cause the chocolate to melt. In these instances, you will need to use a special applicator to avoid problems.

Get More Info At Spotlight

For more detailed information about cake decoration and even chocolate making, please refer to the range of books available at Spotlight. With one of our useful books, you will be decorating your baked goodies like a pro in minimal time and with maximum efficiency.



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