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Discover Our Top Tips For Cake Decorating

Decorating cakes requires a little know-how, but you can easily get there with some of the top tips from Spotlight. As we provide a large range of cake decorating tools and equipment, we know what it takes to make your cake the most beautiful it can be. So, if you are just starting out with cake decoration, be sure to check out the top cake decorating tips from the Spotlight team.

How Do I Make Sure My Cake Is Ready For Decorating?

If you start the decorating process with a flat cake, the decorating process will go a lot easier. To ensure your cake comes out flat and perfect, always make sure that the oven is on the right temperature. If the temperature is too high, it could cause your cake to become round on the top. Evidently, this makes it more difficult to decorate it.

The top of the cake is not the only thing that is important for the decorating process, the sides of the cake are important too. To ensure the sides do not get damaged, always put some baking paper around the edges of the pan, this will prevent damage to the sides of the cake and ensure it comes out in one piece.

How Do I Implement The Peak Technique?

The peak technique is a popular way to decorate a cake, and it does not require any special tools. To implement this technique, all you need is a basic spoon.

Before you can make the peaks, take a good amount of frosting and put it on the back of the spoon. Then, put the spoon directly on the cake and make sure it faces twelve o'clock. Move the spoon in a half circular motion to the left, this should place the spoon on the opposite position.

How Do I Implement The Zigzag Technique?

If you find it a little difficult to implement the peak technique to start, you could consider the zigzag technique instead. The zigzag technique is a lot simpler to execute and only requires a fork.

Before you start making zigzag waves on your cake, you will have to apply your frosting first. Take your required amount of frosting and ensure it is evenly spread over the cake top and the sides. Then, take the fork and run the ends over the frosting in a wave. You can do those waves as little or as big as you want. However, smaller and more frequent lines often look best.

How Do I Implement The Wave Technique?

The wave technique is another method that is popular among cake decorators. For this technique, you need a tablespoon or a teaspoon, depending on the size of the waves you are looking to create.

Once again, you will need to apply the frosting all over the cake surface before you use the spoon. Then, use the back of your chosen spoon and make small twists in the same direction. Repeat this process by leaving a little space and then repeating this step. The space you leave between the first wave and the second wave depends on the size of the spoon and the overall effect you are looking for.

How Do I Fill My Pastry Bag?

Pastry bags are relatively straightforward to work with, but they do require a little practice before you use them for a first time.

Before you start using your pastry bag, you will need to choose a frosting tip, this is the end of the bag where the frosting will come from. The type of frosting tip can influence the effect you can create on the cake. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tip from the start.

Once you have chosen the frosting tip, fasten it with the coupler on your pastry bag. Then, place the bag with the tip down in a deep glass and keep the top of the bag somewhat open. Then, use a sturdy spoon to transfer the frosting to the bag. Add frosting until the bag is 75% full. Once it is filled to this amount, you can easily pull the sides of your pastry bag over the frosting. Then, grab the bag and twist the ends to secure everything.



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