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Cake Decorating Made Simple With Spotlight

Cake decorating is incredibly fun, and you can be quite creative with it. Naturally, you will need some supplies to decorate your cakes, for which you can count on Spotlight. Below, we have also created a guide for you that includes some essential cake decorating equipment and tools. So, if you do not know how to get started, simply check our simple guide below.

What Kind Of Cake Tins Do I Need For Cake Decorations?

A selection of cake tins is an absolute must if you are looking into cake decorating. With the right selection of cake tins, you can bake cakes in different shapes and sizes. You can even master the art of the multi-layered cake once you become proficient at it.

To start with cake decorating, you do not need the full range of cake tins. A set of four tins in two different shapes and four different sizes should be more than enough to suit your needs. That being said, do not be afraid to buy more if you have the budget available.

How Can I Decorate My Cake Without Damaging It?

When you do not have the right equipment, decorating a cake can become a little harder. To ensure you can gain easy access to all the parts of your cake, a turntable is usually an excellent choice.

Turntable stands are widely available and can fit most cake sizes. That being said, if you have a selection of cake tins you will be working with already, always make sure that the cake will fit properly on the stand.

What Are The Best Tools For Decorations?

Now that we covered some of the basics, let us look at the tools you will need for the decorating process. There are various options around, and some bakers even get their own preferences over time. If you want to experiment with the various tools available and do not have a preference yet, here are some of the best tools you need to try.

The fondant spreader - As the name suggests, this tool is used to cover your cake in delicious chocolate. While there are other tools you could use for this job, the fondant spreader ensures that your layers of chocolate look even and streamlined.

The piping bag - One of the most common decorations added to a cake is butter cream, this can be done solely for decoration purposes, but also to add some extra taste to the cake you made. Much like the cake tins, piping bags are available in different sizes and with different spouts. If you are looking to create more than one effect on a cake, always make sure you have more than one spout available.

The palette knife - While the fondant spreader is used to evenly distribute delicious chocolate, the palette knife is an essential for icing application. Some bakers use a spatula for this task, but once again the palette knife gives you more precision and a better finish.

The paintbrush - Yes, paintbrushes are used in cake decoration. While they can be used to create a variety of effects on a cake surface, their most common use it the application of sugar glue, this enables you to stick other decorations on top of your cake and keep them in place.

The serrated knife - Even with a great selection of cake tins, there are some instances where you might have to adjust the shape or the size of a cake. For these instances, you will need a serrated knife. Because of its serrated edges, you can cut the cake in the shape and size you are after, this without damaging the cake you have made.

A rolling pin - Most bakers will already have one of these to roll out dough. However, you could need it for cake decorating too. Some fondant and icing sheets are rolled out and then placed carefully on the cake in question. For this purpose, you will need a rolling pin.

When choose a rolling pin for cake decoration, it is always best to choose one made from a silicone or plastic material, this ensures that the icing does not stick to the rolling pin. Fortunately, rolling pins made from these materials are quite affordable.



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