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Our Most Useful Sewing Accessories

Whether you like to sew your own garments or love creating some quilts, you are bound to have a bunch of sewing accessories in your personal collection. But what are the most useful sewing accessories to date? Read our overview with the most useful sewing accessories below!

What Is The First Useful Sewing Accessory?

One of the most useful accessories when it comes down to sewing is the measuring tape. It is more than just an accessory though, since it is an essential tool you will require for many of your sewing projects.

There are a bunch of measuring tapes you can obtain these days. You can buy the basic flexible tape measure, but there are also options that include both metric and imperial measurements, this could prove useful if you use patterns obtained from abroad.

What Is The Second Useful Sewing Accessory?

Everyone who loves to sew needs a good pair of fabric scissors. Fabric scissors are specifically designed to cut fabric, preventing damage to the material. Once you own a pair of fabric scissors, be careful not to use the scissors for anything else than cutting fabric, this could damage the blades of the scissors and make them less sharp.

In addition to a good pair of scissors to cut fabric, you should also obtain a pair of scissors to cut your thread and paper patterns. For thread, most crafters prefer a pair of embroidery scissors. A regular pair of kitchen scissors is perfect for your paper patterns. However, if you are working with any form of adhesive, be sure to obtain some non-stick scissors too.

What Is The Third Useful Sewing Accessory?

Anyone who sews on a regular basis should have a set of manual sewing needles as well. Naturally, you will already have your collection of machine needles. Still, there are a bunch of tasks you will need manual sewing needles for.

Some crafters experience problems getting their manual needles to slide through the fabric easily. If you have encountered this problem in the past as well, it can be a good idea to obtain some beeswax for your needles too.

What Is The Fourth Useful Sewing Accessory?

A good iron and ironing board will be required for a lot of sewing projects. For example, it can be used to straighten out some of the wrinkles and creases in your quilting fabric. It also helps to sort out your garment pieces before you start putting them all together.

Please note that there are some dedicated irons for specialist crafts. For example, there is a quilter's iron for quilting projects. So, before you decide on a specific iron, be sure to consider your requirements.

What Is The Fifth Useful Sewing Accessory?

Crafters should also include some tailor's chalk in their kit. There are a bunch of uses for tailor's chalk, but the most common use for it is marking fabric. You can use it to mark the pattern lines and dots from the pattern, or simply to mark trousers if they need to be taken in.

Tailor's chalk is available in a variety of different colours. It is advised to get some colours that are on the opposite of the colour spectrum, so your chalk markings will be visible on either lighter or darker clothing.

What Is The Sixth Useful Sewing Accessory?

Any person who sews cannot go without a decent seam ripper, especially crafters who have just started out with sewing. Still, even the most advanced sewers can make a mistake, so the seam ripper will remain an important part of your sewing kit.

A seam ripper is designed to remove individual stitches from fabric. While this could be done with a pair of embroidery scissors, this could cause the fabric to get cut or damaged. So, always include a seam ripper in your kit if you want your fabric to remain in pristine condition.

Which Sewing Accessories Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight has an immense collection of sewing accessories, this includes all the options we mentioned above. You can also count on us to deliver your fabrics and sewing machines, so anyone who wants to start sewing can find everything they need at Spotlight.



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