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Get Your Kitchen More Organised With These Kitchen Storage Hacks

Keeping the kitchen in your home organised is not the easiest task, especially with how many times your kitchen is used on a daily basis. Today, we look at some of the most popular kitchen storage hacks, which will help you keep your kitchen more organised and give you less work to boot!

How Can I Reduce My Kitchen Clean-Up Time?

We spend a lot of our time cleaning our kitchen. In fact, it is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks of the day. To reduce your clean-up time, you could consider putting up a prep station in your kitchen.

A prep station should have a cutting board with a hole in it. Place a bin right underneath the hole, this enables you to simply wipe any remaining cutting waste into the bin. All you need to do is grab a damp cloth and clean the cutting board and your prep station is pristine again.

How Do I Get More Shelf Room Or General Storage Space?

There are various ways to add to your existing shelf room, or to add more storage space to your kitchen in general. So, if you are running out of storage room, be sure to use some of our tips below.

Maximise existing shelf space - If you have tall cupboards with only one shelf, you are not maximising your available shelf space. By adding a couple of extra shelves, you are using the entire height of the cupboard.

Organise your pantry - When you open your pantry, how organised is it? Can you find everything quite easily? Or do you really have no idea what is in there? If your pantry is not that organised, it is time to purchase some additional boxes and canisters for easier sorting. Don't be afraid to use labels either and divide pantry items into various categories.

Organise your tea - If you have lots of tea, you might want to look into a tea organiser. Many people like to drink different kind of teas during the day and finding your desired cuppa can become quite complicated. A tea organised gives you an immediate overview of your available options.

Better drawer divider - Drawer dividers are popular way to keep your forks and knives separated, but you can use the same for your kitchen tools. With a kitchen tool divider, you can organise your tools from most used to least used. You can also organise them according to size, depending on what you prefer.

Pan stackers - Pots and pans are some of the bulkiest items you can store in your kitchen. Even if you have a considerable amount of space, maximising your space for pots and pans can be tricky. Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of a pot and pan stacker.

A pan stacker enables you to store pots and pans sideways. The stacker can either be placed on a kitchen counter, but you can just as easily put it inside your kitchen cupboard.

In-built produce boxes - Do you keep your potatoes and onions on your kitchen countertop, but would you like to keep them hidden. If so, have a look at some in-built produce boxes. Simply put the produce boxes in one of your deep drawers and use them to store your potatoes, onions, and other things that you usually store on your kitchen counter.

Container organisers - Many people have a lot of unused containers in their kitchen, especially people who tend to freeze some of their leftover food. But what happens when you do not use the containers?

To keep all the containers in your kitchen organised, you can get a drawer organiser just for food containers. You can get organisers for lids as well as their matching containers.

Magnetic knife holder - Don't have a spot for all your kitchen knives? Invest in a decent magnetic knife bag. You can attach the magnetic knife bar on the wall and simply add all your metallic knives and kitchen utensils to the strip.

Check Out Our Other Kitchen Storage Solutions!

Spotlight provides many kitchen storage solutions, this includes the canisters on this page, but also organisers, dividers, and other useful storage options. So, be sure to check out our catalogue for more info..



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