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With a range of kids painting supplies suitable for all ages, your kids can express themselves to their hearts content on rainy days, when they have friends over, or any time they feel creative! With modern, safe and washable paints even the little ones can have hours of fun, while for older children more serious paint supplies are included, that can also be used for school projects. Different types of brushes, rollers and stamps will help them create many original masterpieces, and you will also find practical items such as smocks and splash mats here at Spotlight.

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Which Painting Supplies Are Most Suitable For Children?

When you purchase your child's first painting supplies, there are many things to think about. After all, you have to take your child's smaller hands and motor skills into account. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight and its full range of child friendly painting supplies. If you should require some additional tips on which supplies are best, be sure to read on.

Which Type Of Paint Is Best For Children?

This really does depend on the age of the child in question. Food-grade paints can be good options for younger children, but once your child is old enough, acrylic paints should be a serious consideration for a number of reasons.

Children tend to love acrylic paint the most - this because of the textures they leave on paper, but also because they can be mixed with one another. Evidently, this also gives parents the opportunity to introduce their child to the colour wheel and colour mixing in general.

When you purchase some acrylic paint for your child, it could be a good idea to look for plastic containers instead of tubes. When you have any leftover paint, you can always put it back into the container. In time, this will save you large amounts of money on acrylics over time.

If you want to teach your child how to draw, you can make the transition from painting to drawing with so-called oil pastels. Even though oil pastels are officially classified as paint, they pretty much function as a crayon or a colouring pencil. Most oil pastels are also suitable for younger children.

Which Paintbrushes Should I Buy For My Child?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not really need thin paintbrushes with natural bristles. In fact, these can be significantly more difficult to work with for children. Instead, you should look at a selection of good synthetic paintbrushes.

To start your kids with paintbrushes, look for a collection of synthetic brushes with a flat and wider head. You can incorporate some thinner brushes but focus on the wider options as these are a little easier for them to work with. As their fine motor skills start to develop, they can expand upon their skills by working with the smaller brushes. Therefore, it is important to allow them to work with brushes that are a little easier before you expand on detail work.

Which Paper Is Most Suitable For Children's Painting?

As a general rule, you can pretty much use any paper to start your child on painting. The first couple of attempts with be practice work, so you do not have to invest too much on the fancier paper. However, once your child develops painting skills and wants to keep his work, you could look for some proper painting paper.

Good painting paper usually has a reasonable thickness. The thickness of the paper ensures good absorption of the paint and provides a good surface texture for more interesting effects. For children, try to look for a pad, which enables you to remove painting pages individually.

We must mention that the paint your child works with can influence the choice of paper. Acrylic tends to do well on the thicker art paper, while there is a dedicated paper for watercolours. Have a little browse at Spotlight to view some additional options.

What Additional Things Do I Need For Children's Painting?

There are some basic supplies you can get to make the painting process a little easier. One of those things is a selection of containers or some paper plates. These can be used to mix paint or can even be painted for a fun crafting project. An additional advantage is that they are relatively affordable too.

If your child really gets into painting, you could get them their own easel. Of course, this does not have to be a standing one, as they are often too big for your child. Instead, you could choose an easel that can be placed on a table or a desk.

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