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How To Stain And Paint Wood Shapes During Crafting

Spotlight provides a catalogue filled with wooden shapes. These wooden shapes are wonderful for crafting. Once done, they can be wonderful decorations for the home. But how do you stain and paint wood shapes? Read our overview of information below if you want to learn more.

Do I Need To Sand Wood Shapes?

Most of the shapes in our catalogue can be painted immediately. However, if you purchase some wood shapes that need to be sanded down first, you will need some 150-grip sandpaper to sand it all down.

When sanding down your wood shapes, use gentle back and forth motions for the best possible result. Also, be sure to take into consideration the grain of the wood. If you go against the grain, the result you obtain will be less than desirable.

Do I Need To Prime Wooden Shapes?

To get the best result from painting your wooden shapes, we recommend priming the wood first. Some paints may not require a primer, but most do, this includes acrylic paints as well as watercolour paints.

If you wish to prime your wood, take a small paintbrush and apply the primer over the surface of your wood shape. Ideally, you want to use a white primer, this allows the paint that is applied above it to come out a lot better. You can also use a grey primer, but this should be reserved for some of the darker paint colours such as navy and black.

Should I Use Acrylic Paint, Staining Or Watercolours?

The choice between acrylics, staining and watercolour depends on what you envision in terms of design. Below, we have provided an overview of the benefits of each paint.

Acrylic paint - If you are looking to add small patterns to your wood shapes, then acrylic paints will be the best option. The paint dries relatively fast as well, as you only need twenty to thirty minutes before you can continue.

Even when you use a strong acrylic paint, you also need to seal in the colour with a special sealant. Depending on the sealant you have obtained, you may need to apply anything between one to three layers.

Please note that sealers come in various finishes as well. You can go for a basic matte sealant, but also for a gloss or a satin. Evidently, this gives you a lot of advantages where design is concerned.

Watercolour paint - If you prefer a bit of a stained look, then a watercolour paint will be the best option. Like acrylics, this type of paint only needs to dry for approximately half an hour for each layer. However, if you want the shape to be completely dry, leave the shape at least an entire night to dry.

Staining the shape - Staining is a more basic technique, but it is the recommended option for anyone who wants the natural design of the wood to come forward. To stain, you will need to sand down the wood first and then apply a pre-stain conditioner. Once you have added the conditioner, please wait for ten minutes before applying your chosen wood finish.

Add more decorations - Once you have covered the wood shape in your preferred paint, you can always add some more decorations or embellishments, this includes glitter, gems, stickers, and other things you like.

When you add additional decorations, always check if the wood shape needs an additional finish after the application of your decorations or embellishments. While most do not require any additional treatment, it is best to check so the finish of your wood shape remains unaffected.

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