Discover Spotlight’s Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Discover Spotlight’s Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Want more for your child this Christmas than stocking stuffers? Spotlight's range of kids' art and craft supplies is sure to excite them! Whether your child loves to paint, build models, make jewellery or solve puzzles, we've got something they'll love to engage with this Christmas.

Exciting Activity Kits For Kids

Your child will be entertained for hours on end with any of our super-fun kids' activity kits! These kits come with everything your child needs in one handy pack, including instructions on how to use it safely. You can find slime kits, science kits, sticker kits, drawing kits, jewellery-making kits and fun game kits at Spotlight, with heaps of variations (including Christmas-themed ones) so you can pick one you know your child will love.

Mini scientists will love our STEAM kits, which will have them growing crystals, mixing ingredients to create slime, building a telescope and combining liquids to create a kaleidoscope of colour. Parents may like to join in on the STEAM fun too!

Little artists can get creative with our many drawing activity kits - make amazing squeegee art, enjoy the craziness of doodle tops, create a masterpiece with a paint by number kit or draw on the go in our specialised kids' drawing pads. These art kits are great for travelling with and will keep your child occupied on long trips in the car, on a boat or even in the air. Or for Christmas-themed fun, try any of our Christmas foam art kits!

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Exciting Activity Kits For Kids

Creative Art Kits To Expand Their Imagination

Help your child bring their art ideas to life with any of our kids' art and craft supplies. We've got basic colouring supplies that all kids will love, like crayons, pencils and marker kits that include a rainbow of vivid colours and are easy to hold in little hands.

Outdoor artists can get drawing on the sidewalk with our chalk kits, while mini fashionistas will enjoy personalising their clothes with our kids' fabric markers. Children keen to move off paper and onto a more 'professional' painting surface can take advantage of our printed canvas board painting kits, while our wooden shape painting kits are great for creating colourful shapes perfect for display.

All kids' paint and other art supplies are non-toxic and easy to wash off clothing, so even if your child likes to get messy when they make art, you can count on Spotlight to give you peace of mind about the clean up afterwards!

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Creative Art Kits To Expand Their Imagination

Entertaining Games And Puzzles For Kids of All Ages

Spotlight's games and puzzles range will entertain kids (and adults) for hours on end! Our beautiful puzzles will keep your child occupied as they match shapes and colours to create an image - we have puzzles in the classic square shape, but also in unique animal shapes for a trickier puzzle. You can 'save' a completed puzzle using Mod Podge to glue it together into a frame, which can then be displayed.

We have great games for kids that are not only fun, but will help them learn too! Your child can learn how to tell the time, multiply numbers, add and subtract, spell and match colours and images, all while having fun and playing competitively with siblings, friends or parents.

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Entertaining Games And Puzzles For Kids of All Ages

Colourful Kids' Beads For Friendship Bracelets & Jewellery Making

Spotlight's range of beads will inspire the creation of bracelets, necklaces, anklets and other wearable jewellery by your children! Value bead packs and kits are a winner as a gift for kids, they include a variety of beads for many projects. Please make sure to supervise younger children when using beads, to make sure they don't end up in mouths or up noses. Kids who want their jewellery to look more natural, or if they want to colour it with markers or paint, will enjoy using our natural wooden beads. They come in all sorts of 3D shapes like round, square and hexagonal, and we also have wooden alphabet beads if your child wants to create a name or phrase for their jewellery.

If your child wants to make jewellery with a more luxe look, get them any of our rhinestone gem packs! These shiny beads come in shapes like hearts and spheres, as well as gemstone cuts like emerald, oval, baguette, teardrop and princess cuts. The clear gems are great for a diamond-like shine, while our iridescent and metallic gems will add some colour if needed.

Finally, you can find classic plastic beads in beautiful, bright colours in a range of shapes! We've got classic shapes like round, square and oval, as well as more unique shapes like hearts, flowers, stars, crowns and unicorns. Discover the whole range of jewellery making supplies, bead strings and cord and beading tools to enjoy this amazing craft!

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Colourful Kids’ Beads For Friendship Bracelets & Jewellery Making

Hands-On Kids' Moulding Clay and Moulding Tools

If your kid is ready to graduate from Play-Doh, get them onto any of our kids' moulding clays! Our kids' modelling clays air dry, so no oven use is required - this means kids can create their finished pieces all on their own. Choose from a rainbow of colours, and rest easy knowing our kids' clays are non-toxic.

Once your child has mastered air dry clay, they can move on to polymer and natural earth modelling clay, which needs to be baked in an oven or kiln. Adult supervision will be needed for the firing, but the result is a hard and long-lasting piece your child will love to show off!

Don't forget to browse our range of modelling tools and accessories for quality cutting, rolling and decorating tools for clay, as well as varnishes and glosses to go over a finished clay piece for protection and shine.

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Hands-On Kids’ Moulding Clay and Moulding Tools

Spoil Your Child This Christmas With A Gift From Spotlight

Shop the full range of kids' crafts online, where you can safely pay and have your kids' Christmas gifts delivered straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right presents for your child in person!




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