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Jewellery Making For Kids - The Basics

Jewellery making is a fun hobby, especially since it is an activity everyone can get involved in! At Spotlight, we provide the full range of kids beads and other accessories for jewellery making, setting you up for some amazing projects in the future. But what are some of the basics of jewellery making for kids you need to know?

Should I Get A Jewellery Making Kit Or Individual Supplies?

When you want to get your kids excited about jewellery making, you may wonder which is the best option. Jewellery making kits tend to be a great choice for beginners, as they provide clear instructions and are typically easy to construct. After all, you are beginning with an idea that is already put on paper.

Once you have done a couple of jewellery making projects with the kids, you can start to expand on their own ideas. If they wish to create a bracelet in their favourite colours or even a necklace, you already know the basics you need to work with. Then all you have to do is pick out the right selection of beads and accessories from the Spotlight collection.

How Big Should The Beads Be For Children's Crafting Projects?

It is unlikely that you will use beads for a jewellery making project for younger children. After all, small items could easily be swallowed. Once your kids hit primary school, you can choose from the beads collection at Spotlight. But what do you do before then?

If you want to do a jewellery making project for younger children, it is all about choosing items that are safe for younger children. If your children are pre-schoolers, you can look at some safe clay or other mouldable non-toxic substance that can be used to create a creative accessory. While it will not stand the test of time as much as if you were to use beads, it is a much safer alternative and it introduces your child to jewellery making and beading from a young age.

At Spotlight, you can find jewellery making supplies for children of all ages. The product description usually provides you with a detailed overview of their suitability for certain ages. However, if you find yourself in doubt, you can always talk to the Spotlight team for some additional advice.

Please note that it is always recommended to keep an eye on younger children during crafting projects, even if you have chosen the right crafting supplies. Children can get quite creative with toys and crafting supplies, so it is always best to keep an eye on them just in case. Of course, do not be afraid to get involved with the project and buy some of these supplies for yourself as well. After all, children love to mirror their parents when they are younger!

Can I Use The Beads For Other Things?

Beading or jewellery making is always the first port of call when you purchase them from Spotlight, but that is not the only creative purpose of these fun supplies. After all, what do you do when your kids do not seem to enjoy jewellery making that much?

There are countless applications for beads, especially in children's crafting projects. They can be made into fun accessories or can become accent pieces in their latest artwork. Therefore, having a selection of beads in the house is never a bad idea.

The Stunning Beads For Kids Collection At Spotlight

If you have not found the time to check out the beads collection for children at Spotlight, we urge you to do so today. Spotlight's range contains so many options, it might even be difficult to choose! From stunning acrylic pearls to more colourful options such as pony beads, there is no real limit to the options available to you.

Do not forget to look at our convenient bead organisers either? By using one of our organisers, you can keep crafting time streamlined and organised!



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