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Here's How You Select Your Artificial Foliage

While we all like the look of greenery in our home, a huge amount of fresh foliage and flowers can be arduous to maintain. Fortunately, you can count on artificial options these days, which are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. But how do you select artificial options that match your home perfectly? Here are Spotlight's top recommendations!

Should I Choose Plastic Or Fabric Artificial Plants?

When you think of artificial flowers from the olden days, you remember plants that were clearly fake. You did not even have to look twice to figure out that the plant you were looking at was made of plastic or a silk material. However, since the demand for these artificial potions increased, manufacturer became much better at mimicking the real thing.

So, how do you choose between the two most common options, plastic and fabric? Well, it all depends on the kind of look you want to achieve. Plastics look best in modern environments with lots of light, as they are more resistant to sunlight and do not tend to fade as easily as silk. On the flipside, fabric artificial plants do not look as rigid as plastic but do tend to fade when placed in a sunny spot.

At the end of the time, it all comes down to the type of artificial plant you want in your home. For example, silk lilies may look better than the plastic versions, while plastic succulents have a much better look than fabrics. So, it is all about figuring out the style in your home as well as the plant you want.

How Do I Choose The Perfect Artificial Plant?

When you buy artificial plants for the first time, you may find the choices a little daunting, or you might be scared of buying a cat in a bag. Fortunately, there are some easy tips to follow to ensure you get the best choice possible.

If you are looking for something realistic, do not look at plants that look to bold. You will find many novelty artificial plants. And while they may look great on a shelve, they are less suitable as an accent piece in the middle of your coffee table. For centrepieces, choose more natural colours opposed to bolder and overstated pieces.

While artificial plants are not real, you still have to look after them. So, maintenance should be a factor in the equation as well. Artificial plants should be dusted on a regular basis, and this can be a little more difficult with the silk options. Plastics need a simple wipe with a microfibre cloth though, so if maintenance is a concern, then plastic is your go-to material.

When shopping for artificial plants, be careful you do not choose something that looks to perfect. For example, when an artificial plant has the same shade of green all over, it is noticeably clear that this is a fake plant. So, look for more natural colour combinations and different shades of green instead, as this will make the arrangement look real.

Finally, make sure you also consider how you will display the artificial plant. If you have some vases or plant pots in your home already, make sure that your chosen plant will complement that particular vase or plant pot. Of course, you can find some options that come with a plant pot or a vase already, which takes out most of the work for you.

Find Artificial Foliage And Plants At Spotlight

Spotlight provides an exquisite range of artificial foliage and plants. The range is suitable for crafting projects such as centrepieces or homemade wreaths, but also to find some lovely decorations for your coffee table, shelves or other places in your home.

All artificial plants and foliage at Spotlight are available for the sharpest price in New Zealand. So, if you are looking for a lovely selection of artificial plants and want a good deal on them too, you are bound to find them in the Spotlight catalogue.

Do not forget to check out our range of vases and plant pots too, which are going to complement your new plants beautifully. Of course, these are also available for the sharpest price!



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