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Enjoy Eye-Catching Indoor Rugs From Spotlight

The right rug can completely transform your space from the ground up, adding colour, texture and a whole lot of interest to any room. At Spotlight we've got a huge range of indoor rugs for you to choose from, with many different styles and materials available - so you can always find an indoor rug that suits your home's decor!

What kinds of indoor rugs can I find at Spotlight?

No matter your space, we've got an indoor rug you can use to upstyle your room.

  • Acrylic rugs: Created to feel and look similar to wool, acrylic is a soft and fluffy synthetic fibre that comes in many bright colours and patterns.
  • Cotton rugs: Soft, durable and easy to clean, our cotton rugs come in beautiful natural colours and feel great underfoot.
  • Jute rugs: This hardy natural material is very strong and durable, with a few different natural hues available for you to choose from.
  • Polyester rugs: This durable synthetic material comes in a magnificent range of colours and patterns and is easy to clean when needed.
  • Shaggy rugs: These fluffy rugs are so wonderful to dig your toes into, and are suited for low-traffic areas like the bedroom.
  • Wool rugs: Soft and warm, wool rugs are quality investment perfect for most homes.
  • Hall runners: These long rugs are great for long, thin areas in the home like the hallway or next to your bed.

You can find even more types of rugs in our huge rugs, mats and accessories category.

Indoor rug FAQs

What is an indoor rug?

An indoor rug is a rug that has been designed for use indoors - they won't usually have outdoor rug qualities like UV resistance or resistance to water and dirt. Indoor rugs are soft underfoot unless made from a grassy material like jute or seagrass, and come in round, square and rectangular shapes.

How to clean indoor rugs

Regular vacuuming and shaking will keep your indoor rugs free from dirt, hair and any mould build-up, but liquid spills should be tended to immediately. Dab at stains with a clean white towel to absorb as much as you can, then apply either a carpet cleaning solution or some mild detergent and water, let it sit for a few minutes and then use a clean, damp cloth to lift the detergent. Let it dry naturally or carefully use a hair dryer to dry the spot when finished.

How to store indoor rugs

You can roll up most indoor rugs to store them when needed. Wrap them in plastic wrap if possible, then store them upright in a well-ventilated area out of the sun. Check on your rugs every now and then to ensure no mould or insects have made their way into your rug.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of rugs at Spotlight, which include:

  • Door mats: Welcome guests into your home (and keep your home a little cleaner) with any of the hardy doormats in this range.
  • Doorstops: Our collection of doorstops and draught excluders will keep cold air from entering your home and ensure your doors stay open or closed when you need them.
  • Floor accessories: You can find floor grippers here that will help keep your large and small indoor rugs in place.

Find the right indoor rugs at Spotlight

Ready to choose your rustic, elegant or modern indoor rugs? Shop online at Spotlight, safely pay and we'll deliver your indoor rugs for the living room, bedroom and office straight to your front door. You can also shop for indoor rugs at your nearest Spotlight store.

For more information on the rugs you can discover here, check out our buying guides on rugs and mats, as well as our care guide. And check out our blog on styling your living room for more indoor rug style ideas!



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