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Create beautiful bouquets, stunning hand ties and fabulous floral arrangements with our comprehensive range of floral accessories at Spotlight. We have a wide range of accessories, sundries, tools and equipment to choose from, and we are confident that you will find what you need for floristry in this selection. Whether you are looking for ribbons or runners, cutters or foam, pins, garlands, lighting, delightful glass jars and bottles, wreaths, pots, vases or anything else, shop our fabulous floral accessories collection today.

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How To Arrange Flowers In A Vase?

The floral accessories available at Spotlight can help you to create the best floral arrangements and centrepieces. Of course, beginners may have some questions about creating the best floral arrangements in their home. One of the most common questions relates to how flowers should be arranged inside a vase. If you are curious how to do this as well, please read the information provided by our team below.

What Do I Do With The Flower Stems Before Placing Them In A Vase?

Before you place flowers in a vase, it is necessary to prepare the flower stems. When working with fresh flowers, it is not uncommon to have leaves or foliage left on the stem. It is vital to remove these leaves and foliage to get the best look for your arrangements.

There are some easy ways to remove foliage and leaves from flower stems, this includes the use of a foliage stripper from our catalogue. Of course, some flower stems will require more care than others, this especially applies to flower steams that include thorns. Since thorns can be really sharp, it is advised to use a special tool to remove thorns from your stem.

Why Is The Shape Of The Vase Important When Creating A Floral Arrangement?

The shape of the vase is more important than many people think, as the shape influences the final look of your arrangement. For example, if you have a round vase, a round floral arrangement will complement it best. For most vases, the shape of the vase will determine the shape of the arrangement. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule.

How Do I Make The Flowers Fit The Vase Perfectly?

Flowers must be trimmed in most cases, as they must fit the height of the vase in question. As a general rule of thumb, your flowers should be three times as big as the total size of your vase. For example, if you have a vase measuring 30 centimetres, the height of your flowers should amount to 90 centimetres.

Please note that the measurements provided here are not absolute, this means there can be exceptions as well. Still, it is always important to ensure your flowers are displayed properly, but not appear to be fighting against the shape of the vase.

Is There A Specific Way I Should Cut The Stems Before They Go Into The Vase?

When you cut the flowers, always look out for any nodules on the stems. It is important to cut away from these, as this will keep your flowers fresher for longer. You can also keep your flowers fresh for longer by cutting them at an angle, this helps your flowers gain access to more water when they are in a vase.

Cutting the stems requires extra consideration for flowers such as roses, which seal up fast once they are cut. Therefore, place the flowers immediately in the vase with some water to ensure their freshness.

How Should I Arrange The Flowers In The Vase Itself?

There are various methods and techniques you can implement to arrange your flowers. In most cases, it helps to place flowers in the vase at an angle. Still, there are some small additional rules that can ensure your flowers look amazing.

One of the first things you should include in your arrangements is greenery. In most floral arrangements, greenery will be your base. Once the foliage is in place, you can build your floral arrangement from there.

It is also recommended to keep the boldest and tallest flowers for last. To ensure every flower adds to the arrangement, put in the smaller and subtler flowers once you have added the greenery. Then, use the larger flowers later. Since they will become the focus of your floral arrangement, you can make sure they get a prime location among the other flowers you have added.

Can I Get Supplies For Floral Arrangements At Spotlight?

As mentioned briefly earlier, Spotlight provides a range of beautiful accessories that can contribute to your arrangements. From lace ribbons to vases and containers, our range contains everything you need to create your dream arrangements with fresh flowers from your garden.



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