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Cross Stitch is so much fun, and this fabulous needlecraft is fast becoming popular once again. Whether you are looking for a fun new hobby or you are a cross stitch pro, we have the kit for you in this selection. Each of these kits includes everything that you need to create your own cross stitch masterpiece and could be a great gift idea for a loved one with a hobby. Shop the selection now for cross stitch kits of all shapes and sizes at our low prices.

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Cross-Stitch Tips For Beginners

Most crafters can get into cross-stitch relatively quickly, especially with one of the cross-stitch kits from our extensive catalogue. Of course, beginners can encounter some common problems on their first project, this due to the fact they still need to practice some techniques. We want to make sure that your first project becomes a success, so we have provided some of our top tips below.

Which Cross-Stitch Project Is Best For A Beginner?

When you look for your first project, it is best to stick to something relatively basic. Even though there are some amazing projects that can be done with cross-stitch, you do not want to overcomplicate things on your first try.

To ensure you have everything you need, it can be a good idea to acquire a beginner cross-stitch kit. Beginner cross-stitch kits tend to contain all the basics you need to complete the project as well, so you do not have to worry about getting in the supplies.

In short, choose a project that comes with your basic supplies and a project that is relatively small. Look at the design that is displayed on the kit before your purchase, this will provide you with a better idea of how complicated the project will be.

Once you have obtained your beginner kit, always read the instructions first before you start doing anything. The instructions of most cross-stitch kits will give you a lot of helpful information, this includes how you make certain stitches, colour guides, and a symbol overview. Even though we are sure you are eager to get started, taking some time to read the instructions will avoid some unwanted surprises.

Do I Need To Do Anything Special With The Cross-Stitch Cloth Before I Get Started?

Before you start with your cross-stitch project, you must prepare the cloth. When you handle the cloth regularly, it can start to fray if you have not taped it up properly. So, make sure you tape the edges of your cloth with some tape. Ideally, you want to use masking tape or painter's tape.

The tension of your cloth is important too when you work on your cross-stitch. If the tension is a problem, you can use a special embroidery hoop to get the tension you desire, this opposed to the framework provided in the kit.

What Is The Best Place To Start Cross-Stitching On The Cloth?

Beginners will find it useful to start in the middle of the cloth, this is especially the case if the cloth you have is quite stiff. Depending on the kit you have obtained, the centre of the cloth can be marked, which makes it a little easier to find it.

When the centre of your cloth does not have any markings, you can also use a dedicated marker to mark the spot where you should start. You do not have to make any large markings, a simple dot in the middle of your cloth should be more than enough.

Marking the cloth is something that is done by experienced crafters too, as it guarantees that the design is right in the centre. So, even though you may start doing this as a beginner, you will notice that this is a useful trick you will keep using as you become more proficient.

What Additional Tips Can You Provide For My Cross-Stitch Project?

There are a bunch of other tips we believe you may find useful. The first is marking your pattern as you go along. If you will not do your cross-stitch project all at once, marking what you have done on the pattern will make sure you can resume without any trouble.

While you do your cross-stich, always make sure to avoid strands of embroidery thread that are too long. Beginners believe that using a long thread can help them avoid rethreading many times, but in fact it can cause tangles along the way. Having tangles is a much more worrisome side-effect than having to rethread, so always follow the recommended guidelines on your pattern.

Finally, always make sure you wash your hands before you handle your crafting project. If your hands are dirty, then the cloth can get stained. It could also influence the overall look of your cross-stitch when you're done. So, washing your hands is always a good idea.



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