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How To Create Party Favours For A Children's Party?

Creating party favours for an adult party is quite straightforward, as there are so many things you can include for a themed party. But what do you do for a children's party? If you are curious about some child friendly party favours, be sure to check out the suggestions from the Spotlight team.

Could I Include Snacks In Party Favours For A Children's Party?

Snacks are a brilliant idea, but you do have to consider how many you put in there. Snacks are great in moderation, because you do not want the kids hyped up on sugar for the rest of the day. Therefore, choose individually wrapped candies instead of bags.

When including snacks and candies, also make sure you do not include anything that could cause an allergic reaction. Snacks that include nuts are particularly dangerous. Also check if any of the children attending the party has lactose intolerance or a gluten allergy.

What Are Some Fun Things To Include In Party Favours For Children's Parties?

The simplest things are often the best. As adults, our imagination is somewhat limited. Children do have lots of imagination and do enjoy some of the simplest pranks. Therefore, look for items such as whoopie cushions to include in children's party favours.

In addition to prank items, you should also include some things that the kids can use for dress-up. While you cannot include an entire costume, you can include some accessories such as fake moustaches, party hats, tiaras, and even temporary tattoos.

If you decide to include temporary tattoos, always make sure that they are safe for application and are unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Fortunately, child friendly temporary tattoos are available at Spotlight.

Could I Include Children's Books In Party Favours?

You can, but you do have to pay attention to the size of the books you include. Evidently, you cannot include thick children's books. Not only would this cost you a fortune, you would need very large bags. It is your aim to keep party favours as compact as possible, as it is easier for the little ones to take home with them.

Are Functional Items Suitable For Children's Party Favours?

Parents will appreciate some functional items for the kids, even though kids will pay more attention to the snacks and the other fun items you have included. To peak the children's interest in the functional items you include, be sure to choose bold colours and cool designs, which are bound to catch their eye.

There are plenty of functional items that are small and that can be included in children's party favours. Personal care items are especially popular, this may include a fun child's toothbrush or some bubble bath. As long as it has a fun theme, it will be appreciated.

Another item you could include in a party favour bag for a children's party is a water bottle. Of course, the bottle should have a child-friendly design and some fun colours to make it look appealing. You can also personalise each water bottle with the child's name. However, do not forget to mark the bags with the right name too.

You can also teach children something about gardening by including some flower and vegetable seeds in their favour bag. If you do include these, you also need to include some child friendly instructions, so they can grow their own plants once they get home.

Can I Include Arts And Crafts Supplies Inside Children's Party Favour Bags?

Including some arts and crafts supplies inside children's party favour bags is always recommended, as it gives them something fun to do during and after the party. You can include a small colouring book and some smaller pencils to meet the compact demands of the favour bag. Of course, you can also include things such as chalk and crayons.

Where Can I Get Party Favour Supplies For A Children's Party?

Spotlight provides you with everything you need for your children's party favours. We provide stickers, blowouts, loot bags, containers, ribbons, party hats, and loads more. If you are looking to put together some affordable party favours that will be remembered fondly, we have no doubt you will find what you need at Spotlight.



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