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Nothing quite shows how much you care like handcrafted greetings cards, and this is a great way to send a personalised message to one that you love. Whatever the occasion, at Spotlight, we have got everything that you need to make your own cards. Whether you are shopping for blank cards, envelopes and embellishments or kits that include everything you need, let your loved one know how special you think they are and shop our fabulous card making supplies online or instore today.

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How Do I Start With Cardmaking? Find Out By Reading The Guide From Spotlight!

Are you looking for a new hobby and are you considering cardmaking? Need some information before you get started? Check out the guide to cardmaking, created by the Spotlight team below.

What Equipment And Supplies Do I Need To Start With Cardmaking?

There are many tools you could use for cardmaking, but you do not need all of them to start with cardmaking. In fact, you do not need too much to start out with cardmaking, as you only require essentials such as a simple ruler, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, glue, a cutting mat, and some cardstock. Still, if you want to expand on the essentials, here are some of the supplies that will be incredibly useful to you.

Paper trimmer - When you start making cards, a paper trimmer can help you cut your cardstock with a little more accuracy. Obviously, paper trimmers can have numerous additional features. Evidently, when you purchase a paper trimmer for cardmaking you will need at least one that contains a scoring tool as well as a trimming tool.

A punch tool - There are some special tools available that you can use to create unique shapes in your paper. One of these tools is the punch tools. The punch tool is available in various sizes and shapes. So, you can obtain punch tools in a circle shape, heart shape, square, and more.

Adhesives - When you are making cards, there are a variety of adhesives you can use. One popular adhesive is the adhesive runner, which allows you to spread adhesive easily on paper without leaving any stains or marks. Of course, the strength of this adhesive is limited, so obtaining additional adhesives for heavier embellishments is recommended, this includes anything from liquid glues to adhesive dots.

Cardstock with special finishes - Cardstock can come in various shapes and sizes, but also with different finishes. If you want to have some bolder and more unusual cardstock in your collection, be sure to check out glitter cardstock, coated cardstock, and iridescent cardstock.

Polymer eraser - A polymer eraser can become quite useful when you create your own cards. Pencil marks are often left to take measurements, but those need to be removed for the card to look finished and pristine. Evidently, one of the best erasers to do this kind of job is the polymer eraser, as it does not have a tendency to leave dark spots or smudges on the paper.

Evidently, the place where you purchase your cardmaking supplies will determine the overall investment you have to make. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to provide you with cardmaking supplies for the best possible price. So, if you are just getting started with cardmaking, be sure to check out the catalogue for some amazing deals.

Which Cardstock Do I Need To Obtain For My First Projects?

For your first project, you may be wondering what kind of cardstock you should obtain. Most people only need a selection of black and white cardstock to start, this cardstock must have some texture as this will be the cardstock you will use for decorations. In addition to the textured black and white cardstock, you also need a cardstock with a higher GSM, this will be the cardstock you use for the base of your card.

Where Can I Get Some Inspiration For Cardmaking?

You can undoubtedly get some inspiration from our cardmaking range, but also from some online tutorials. Cardmaking is a popular hobby, so there are many how-to tutorials you can take advantage of. By using these tutorials, you can discover new layouts, ideas, and loads more.

Why Is It Important To Save Leftover Paper Scraps?

Some cardstock can be quite expensive, especially cardstock that has received a special coating or finish. To get the most from your purchases, it is therefore recommended to save all your paper scraps for projects in the future. So, if you use a hole punch and have some paper left, do not throw it away and keep it for future use instead.

Of course, specialist paper does not have to cost a lot, because you can always count on Spotlight's catalogue. Check out the range today to uncover our amazing deals on specialist cardstock and cardmaking supplies.



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