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Nothing quite shows how much you care like handcrafted greetings cards, and this is a great way to send a personalised message to one that you love. Whatever the occasion, at Spotlight, we have got everything that you need to make your own cards. Whether you are shopping for blank cards, envelopes and embellishments or kits that include everything you need, let your loved one know how special you think they are and shop our fabulous card making supplies online or instore today.

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Beautiful card making projects for your loved ones

Handmade cards send a message that you care because you've taken the time to create something unique for that special someone. While there are no hard and fast rules for producing your own greeting cards, following one of our card making projects is a good way to stoke the fires of your creativity.

Use coloured cardstock to die-cut flowers, fruits or sports equipment like balls and bats that are then layered and stuck on your cards. Mount one card over another card of a different colour to introduce an accent frame around your greeting. Attach embellishments - such as bowties and ribbons - to the printed or cut-out image on the card. Or create paper curlicues for wedding invitations with the assistance of a Cricut paper cutter.

There's no occasion or person you can't create a greeting card for - so get cracking on your card making!

Card making tools & supplies to get you started

Spotlight stocks a huge selection of craft and art supplies that can be put to good use in your card making adventures. Here are a few suggestions.

Paper craft and scrapbooking supplies

Collect kits of different cardstock from our paper craft supplies so you've got a rainbow of coloured paper to choose from whenever the desire to make greeting cards hits you. Those who enjoy scrapbooking will find their scrapbook paper and adornments handy for any card making activities too.

Paint supplies

If you're handy with a brush and paint, why not use your art supplies to create miniature artworks that can then be added to any cards you create? Make sure you sign them, though, so the lucky recipient knows they've got a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to be kept and treasured.

Craft supplies

From basic craft supplies such as glitter, chenille sticks and foam stickers to supplies for more advanced crafting like flower press kits, anything that can be stuck relatively flush to cardstock (and then stuffed in an envelope) can take your card making to the next creative level.

Art & craft storage

Once you've caught the card making bug, you'll want some art & craft storage solutions to keep your stash neat and tidy, and ready to go when you are.

Cricut cutting

The ultimate cutting machine, Cricut will take the headache out of any fiddly card or paper cutting so your card making reaches a standard of professionalism not possible by hand.

Find the right card making supplies & kits at Spotlight

Ready to buy? Shop through our card making supplies online. Alternatively, head into a Spotlight store to check out the different card making kits and other supplies available, and speak with one of our friendly customer service team who'll be happy to answer your questions.



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