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What You Need To Know About Oil Painting Mediums

While most painting styles can require a medium, one of the more complex can be oil painting. To make sure that you are ready to use the right medium for your oil painting projects, we have created a detailed guide on oil painting medium below.

Why Is It Important To Use A Medium When I Do Oil Painting?

Mediums are incredibly useful for oil painting, as they can influence the properties of the paint you are using. A good medium can influence the consistency of your paint, but also its drying time and even the paint finish.

As an artist, you develop your own style and signature. The medium can play a major role in this, as they can influence the look of your paint on the canvas. Therefore, experimenting with mediums can influence your style and signature over the years and make it better.

What Should I Know About Mixing Oil Paint With A Medium?

When you take a detailed look at some of the mediums available for oil paints, you will notice that most of them are slightly coloured. Most mediums for oil paints actually have a yellow tinge, this means that using a medium with some of the lighter oil paint colours might not be as evident.

There are ways to counter a problematic mix of oil mediums and oil paint, but the most dominant one is being extremely careful when measuring out the amount of medium compared to the amount of oil paint.

Is Turpentine A Popular Medium For Oil Paint?

While turpentine is seen as a medium among artists, many would be surprised to learn that turpentine classifies as a solvent. In fact, it is often used to remove the toughest paints from paintbrushes. Still, this does not mean turpentine does not have applications for oil paint.

Turpentine is commonly used to speed up the drying time of oil paint, this as it can dilute the oil paint effectively. An additional benefit of turpentine is that it can be used to clean your paintbrushes at the same time.

If you decide to use turpentine for your oil paintings, make sure you add turpentine to your base layer. You could also apply it to the first oil paint you apply on your canvas. Remember, fast-drying properties become more effective if you apply them first.

Is Refined Linseed Oil A Popular Medium For Oil Paint?

Refined linseed oil is certainly an option for oil paint. In fact, this medium is one of the most popular on the market today. Like turpentine, refined linseed oil will reduce drying time. It is also quite beneficial for artists who tend to paint in several layers.

Once again, refined linseed oil is best applied as a base layer or in your first layer of paint. However, this medium can be repeated with each layer you apply, this is also the reason why this is one of the most popular mediums for oil painting out there.

Is There A Difference Between Refined And Cold Press?

There is a difference between refined and cold press linseed oil, despite the fact they are made from the same source product. For the cold press, the oil is obtained without the use of heat, this also means only smaller quantities can be obtained. Refined linseed oil will go through a heating process, which allows more batches being made. On the downside, it does mean other parts of the seed can be transferred into the medium.

Refined linseed oil is considerably cheaper than cold press linseed oil. While you can get some good results with refined linseed oil, most will try cold press for superior results. Still, this does mean those results cannot be obtained with the refined version.

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