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How To Make A Gift With One Of Spotlight's Wicker Baskets?

Do you love the idea of a wicker gift basket, but you have no idea how to get started? To help you create your own gift basket with one of the wicker baskets from our catalogue, we have created an overview with helpful information. Be sure to read on to find out how you get started.

Do I Need A Theme For A Wicker Gift Basket?

A theme is always recommended when it comes down to creating a gift basket. Now, a theme is an incredibly wide concept, this means you can stick to a certain colour, a specific product, or even a combination of products that fall within the same category.

Naturally, a theme does not necessarily mean you have to use the same colours or similar projects. In some cases, you can create a wicker gift basket that is made according to the personal preferences of the recipient.

Which Little Gifts Can I Include In A Wicker Gift Basket?

There are many things that can be included in a wicker basket, this includes homemade items but also things you have bought from a store. Some of the most popular gift baskets tend to include foods such as cheese with a nice selection of wine. You can also include some cool gadgets or even some beauty products to pamper your recipient.

When you select the products to include inside your wicker basket, always consider what your recipient likes. For example, if you want to make a gift basket for a woman who loves her beauty products, putting beauty products inside the wicker basket will be the most obvious choice.

Which Wicker Basket Is Best For My Gift?

Spotlight provides wicker baskets in all shapes and sizes, this ensures that the wicker basket fits the items you have obtained for your recipient. Naturally, this means you have to check the size of your wicker basket before you order it from Spotlight.

Estimating the recommended size for your wicker basket can sometimes be challenging. When in doubt, always choose a size bigger to ensure everything fits. There are always techniques you can use to make your basket appear fuller.

Do I Need To Use Filler Material On The Bottom Of My Wicker Basket?

Filler material is needed for almost all wicker baskets. Filling will make your basket look better presentation-wise, but it can also protect some fragile items inside the baskets against damage while the basket is being transported.

There are various things you can use as a filling material. Spotlight provides filling materials that are already made, saving your time and effort. However, you could also use crumpled tissue paper, straw, or even a luxurious fabric to make your basket look amazing.

How Do I Arrange Items Inside A Wicker Basket?

Arranging items takes a little bit of consideration. First, place the taller gifts you have ordered in the centre of your basket, this ensures they do not overpower everything else in your hamper arrangement. Then, take the smaller items and arrange them around the taller items, this will make your hamper look like a beautiful bouquet.

Of course, there are other methods you could use to arrange your items. While it usually comes down to your personal preferences, it can also be subject to the unique shape of your wicker basket.

Another way to arrange the items is by placing the larger items in the back of the basket. Then, take the smaller items and arrange them in front of the tall items. Still, no matter which of the available methods you use, always make sure the items remain upright and cannot get dislodged or fall over, as this could ruin the presentation of your gift.

Do I Need To Wrap A Wicker Gift Basket?

Wrapping your gift basket is not obligated, as you can present it as is. However, using a transparent wrap and a nice bow around the wicker basket certainly adds more to the presentation, so it should always be a consideration whenever you make your own gift basket. Possible wrapping materials include tulle, cellophane wrap, and shrink wrap. These wrapping materials are also available for purchase on Spotlight.



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