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Achieve That Sleek And Modern Look With Some New PVC Venetian Blinds!

Spotlight provides its customers with a wide range of PVC Venetian Blinds. Our Venetian blinds are perfect for homeowners who like to achieve that modern look inside their home. With a range of colours and designs to choose from, you will not have any problems finding the right option for you.

When Should I Choose PVC Blinds Over Certain Other Materials?

PVC is a material that can have numerous benefits in terms of window dressing. After all, the material is known to have outstanding light blocking capabilities and good durability. As these are the two properties that are often most important for blinds, PVC blinds are present in many homes around the world.

What Is PVC?

The abbreviation of PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is used in many plastic products around the world, this includes window dressings, but also bottles, food packaging, and other common household products. As it is one of the most used materials in the world, many people trust in the reliability of this material.

What Are The Best Ways To Clean PVC Blinds?

Considering the material these blinds are made of, PVC blinds are some of the easiest window dressings to maintain. Some types of blinds - including wood and fabric - can be more difficult to clean. PVC blinds on the other hand are much more resistant to many different cleaning methods.

The best way to clean PVC blinds is by using a simple damp cloth. Simply dip the cloth in some lukewarm water and wring it out, this ensures the cloth is not too wet. Then, wipe down the blinds one by one to remove dust and any grime from the blinds.

When you need to remove some persistent stains from your PVC blinds, you can use a combination of detergent and water. When adding detergent to the water, always make sure that you do not use too much. Using too much detergent could leave stains on your blinds. If you should encounter this problem, simply wipe down the respective blind with a clean damp cloth without detergent.

Should I Maintain The Rails Of My Blinds?

Many people maintain their blinds on a regular basis, but they do tend to forget about the rails. Unfortunately, not maintaining the rails can damage your blinds as well. After all, the rails can become less smooth due to dust and debris. Therefore, you should always keep your rails free of these compounds to ensure maximum efficiency for your blinds.

Cleaning your PVC rails is done in pretty much the same manner as the maintenance of your blinds. Simply take a damp cloth to remove any persistent dust or grime. There are also special tools to clean the railing of your blinds, which can be a genuine timesaver. However, it is important to remember that these tools often cannot deal with persistent stains.

When moving the blinds becomes a little less smooth, you may have to lubricate the rails a little bit. There are some special products to do that, but one of the most effective is some beeswax spray. One application should last as much as six months. So, it is well worth investing in a special spray such as this.

How Do I Determine Which Material Is Best For My Blinds?

Since there are various materials that are being used for blinds, it is no surprise that they provide different benefits. In most cases, it is not a case of which material is better than the other, but which material provides the respective homeowner with the most benefits.

Most people choose PVC blinds for their easy maintenance. You will see them at offices, but also to block light from the living room or the kitchen. As they are durable as well as affordable, they can be the preferred choice for many homeowners.

Of course, other materials do have their merits too. Wooden blinds are often obtained by homeowners who prefer a warm and traditional ambience in their home. Even though wooden blinds can require more maintenance in many cases, they are popular for people who look for that specific style. The same applies for fabric blinds.



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