Blockout Roller Blinds

Give your windows a refreshing update with blockout roller blinds from Spotlight. Shop blackout blinds & thermal roller blinds for optimal privacy & insulation.

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Enjoy Blockout Roller Blinds From Spotlight

Keep the sun at bay using any of the quality blockout blinds in the range from Spotlight! Our blockout blinds come in a range of beautiful colours to suit your home, and will block not only light from outside but prevent heat from seeping into your home as well.

Spotlight's ready-made blinds are easy to install yourself, and a great way to refresh and modernize your home!

What kinds of blockout blinds can you find at Spotlight?

You can find two kinds of blockout roller blinds at Spotlight:

  • Full-size blockout roller blinds - these large blinds come in a range of sizes to suit conventionally-sized windows that are usually situated in the lounge or bedroom.
  • Sidelight roller blinds - these smaller blinds are as long as full-size blinds but much narrower, and are suited to covering the windows beside your entrance door at home, or even the window on the door of your caravan!

Blockout roller blind FAQs

What are blockout roller blinds?

Also called blackout roller blinds, blockout roller blinds are roller blinds made of a thick, durable material that blocks all light from passing through it. Our sun blocking blinds can be installed in the recess of the window or in front of it, and can either over roll or under roll depending on what you think looks best. Keep in mind that some roller blinds have a side that is a different colour, and this side will show if you install your blockout blinds in the under roll style.

What are thermal roller blinds?

Thermal roller blinds have a special backing designed to reflect heat and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. While they do block some light due to their thickness, they are not specially made to do so and won't completely block out the light like blackout roller blinds do. You can find blinds that are a combination of both, which are called thermal blackout roller blinds.

Can I install blockout blinds on my own?

You can easily install blockout blinds at home using measuring tape, a pencil and a drill. For a full step-by-step guide, check out our guide to installing roller blinds at home!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find many other kinds of quality window furnishings at Spotlight, including:

  • Double roller blinds - these handy blinds allow you to have a blockout blind and a sheer blind over one window, giving you natural light during the day and complete privacy and darkness at night.
  • Sheer roller blinds - our sheer roller blinds prevent anyone from seeing inside your house while also allowing plenty of diffused natural light into the space. They will become see-through at night, however, so they are best paired with an opaque blind in places like bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Blockout curtains - for an elegant and voluminous window furnishing, look to our blockout curtains. They come in all your favourite styles, like eyelet, tab top and pencil pleat, and block out all light from the outside.

Check out popular brands like Caprice and Selections for quality window furnishings you can rely on!

Find the right blockout roller blinds at Spotlight

Ready to choose your roller blackout blinds? Shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your blackout roller blinds to your home. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the right blackout roller blinds for your needs.

Make sure to read our helpful blogs on using blockout blinds in summer and winter, as well as our buying guides on measuring your windows, caring and maintaining your window furnishings and the best types of window coverings for different rooms.



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